Meet Our Instructors

Tahir Ahmad – Lead Instructor & Team Thunder Member

Being one of only two members in the whole world of the elite Thunder Team within Defence Lab, martial arts has always been Tahir’s passion. At the age of 11, he started his martial arts journey like most people did back then with Karate and quickly became to be known in his school as the ‘Karate Kid’. However, he eventually came to the realisation that the real purpose of learning a martial art was not for a belt or some ego trip but in fact to learn how to effectively defend oneself and one’s loved ones. So without any hesitation and just before achieving his black belt, he left Karate in search for something more street effective.

Looking into and trying various other styles, his search eventually led him to ‘Defence Lab’ and being so impressed by its teachings, he knew that he had finally found what he was after for all these years. So much was his belief in this new and ever evolving fighting method that he even decided to leave his consultancy business to become a full-time Lead Instructor for ‘Defence Lab’.

Tahir has many years of experience teaching adults and children, as well as on a 1-2-1 basis. Although he has refused to be held back by out-dated techniques and has always been quick to adopt the best practices of the time, yet he still holds onto the traditional values of honesty, loyalty, integrity, discipline and strength of character, all of which he aims to pass onto each one of his students. By nature he is very friendly and out-going, who makes his students feel extremely welcome and ‘part of the family’ (so to speak). He is able to have a laugh and hold fun and enjoyable classes whilst at the same time not losing the seriousness of what is being taught.

Tahir genuinely believes that the progression of each student is a reflection of him as an Instructor and so he has a genuine desire to help each student achieve their personal goals. However, this is not to say that the student will not have to do their part. Persistence, effort and the desire to improve must come from within the student……bring these to the class, and you will not only achieve your personal goals, but you will certainly go beyond.

Welcome to the family of ‘Defence Lab’!

Farhaj Malik- Instructor

More than any other sport or activity it was always martial arts that attracted Farhaj. His martial arts journey began at an early age of 7, first with Judo, then Boxing and various other traditional and modern styles with the aim of trying to include and cover as many aspects and angles of self-defence.
Still searching for a system that answered all of his questions, he was eventually introduced to Defence Lab and it was an instant realisation to have finally found his answer. All aspects of self-defence in real life scenarios were covered including multiple attacker scenarios. He was so impressed that he switched from the dental industry into becoming a fulltime instructor for Defence Lab.
Farhaj has a sound ability to get on with people of all ages and backgrounds, thereby helping individuals to meet their needs according to their situation.

Photos of Tahir during a regular training weekend with Defence Lab Founder Andy Norman (middle) and DL Crew members Grek (left) and Paul Strauther (right).


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