What Is Defence Lab?

In a very short space of time, Defence Lab has become a global network for self defense and fitness.

what-is-defence-labWhat sets it apart from other styles is that it is also ‘a place of constant investigation’. What do we mean by this?

As the word ‘Lab’ suggests, Defence Lab is the scientific study of both the physical and the mental aspects of self-defence and reality based combat.

With regards to its ‘DNA Fight Science’ system, it is a system not limited or restricted in anyway. Rather, it is an incredibly open-minded and free thinking combat system based on reality and forever developing, adjusting and evolving with its surroundings.

Each principle, each philosophy and each technique is always tested against the question of “does it work?”

To believe that any fighting system has reached perfection is to admit to one’s own delusion. Like everything in this world, nothing is perfect and everything continues to evolve. Martial arts is no different and so at Defence Lab, we too are always evolving through our on-going observation, training and testing.

More Than a Martial Art

Defence Lab really does provoke self-analysis and the study of reality based combat even if you have only just started your training. In fact, at Defence Lab, expect to be taught a technique and then to be told to go away and play with it, to investigate it. Why? Because there are so many possibilities and the instructors are never so proud to assume that they know each and every possibility. A beginner or someone from a different background may just come up with something which is completely different and rather than it being put down, it would be celebrated and embraced. This is the true meaning of ‘constantly evolving’ and this is the beauty of Defence Lab.

Who are we?

Get a better understanding of the human through the study of its physical, mental, emotional and spiritual makeup, as well as its strengths and weaknesses. Understanding the human is to understand yourself, and is also to understand your opponent.

Always questioning and pushing the boundaries

Never being afraid to challenge conditioned boundaries and always prepared to ask provoking questions in the quest for the truth in reality based combat.

Discover yourself

Through any type of investigation and exploration, one always finds a deeper connection with oneself.

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