Empower Yourself – Reality Based Self Defence With Our ‘HVOC’ Packages (Home Video Online Classes)

Choose the areas / techniques that you wish to train in from the various packages available PLUS get free access to the DL Community!

More packages will also be added regularly, giving you even more areas / techniques to train in with our ON-GOING library of Home Video Online Classes.

Videos for both Kids and Adults, teaching you and your loved ones our amazing, no-nonsense, Reality Based Self Defence system!

The feedback has been fantastic.

Some of the benefits of the Home Videos

High Quality

Broken down into piece-meal sections so easy to follow

Great structure to the classes and very methodical

Ability to stop, rewind and play as many times as you want AND play at any time you want

Train from the comfort of your own home

All of this amazing training and personal development for the whole family at such a great price

Greater ‘in-depth’ training with more explanation given

Oh yes….. and don’t forget to watch the funny bloopers at the end!

What are You Going to Learn?

You will be learning a very unique Self Defence, Martial Arts and Fitness system, covering a wide range of techniques for real life application:

Superior blocking for defence

More effective strikes to help you survive

Defending against Hair Pulling, various Grabs and Headlocks

Women's Self Defence, including Rape Defence

Shape-Shifting – Rapid elbow strikes for close quarter-combat


Grappling techniques for when the fight goes to the ground

Dealing with Multiple-Attackers at the ‘same’ time

The importance of Mental and Psychological training – and how to effectively overcome your fear!

Weapons...... and SO much more!

Who are these Home Videos for?

Absolute Beginners – the training is designed to teach people with no previous experience.

Non DL students – one should never limit themselves to just one style but should try to adopt the best from all styles. Having a genuine understanding of DL techniques has proven time again to enhance one’s overall fighting abilities, be that in the ring or cage, or for real life self defence.

 Existing DL students – the training is very in-depth which means that even existing students of varying levels will most certainly learn new things that they have never come across before, thus further enhancing and expanding their own understanding and knowledge.

 Instructors from any style or background:

  1. At the end of the day, Instructors sell information so it makes sense to maximise one’s own knowledge.
  2. Once again, as the training is very in-depth, Instructors will also get a deeper understanding of the various techniques and Reality Based Self Defence in general.
  3. Knowing is NOT enough….. being able to effectively transmit the information to your students is also vital if one wishes to be a great instructor and have a successful school / club. This is an art in itself! With these videos, Instructors will also be able to learn directly from one of the best DL Instructors in the world, who is also the most successful DL Instructor in the world. Having only started in 2015, he managed to build and run the largest DL Franchise globally in only two years, as well as maintaining this position consecutively each year since.

What are People Saying?

Love how you break things down and go into so much detail in these videos! Being an existing student, I have previously learned some of these techniques but to my surprise, there was even more to learn from these videos! Great stuff!


Being a total beginner, I was a little sceptical at first I have to admit but I found the videos to surpass all of my expectations. The information given is extensive to say the least which is wonderful and your teaching style is also very good. I really enjoy the bloopers at the end also. For someone who has never met you personally, it’s refreshing to see the lighter side of you too. Keep up the great work.


With more time on my hands these days, I wanted to get back into some sort of self defence training and I came across your home videos. I have previously trained in other styles but I can say without any hesitation that what you teach is superb and unlike anything else I have tried before. It's surprising that I never heard of this system previously but now that I’ve found it, I’m keen to learn as much as I can.


I come from a combat sport background having done many years of Muay Thai and BJJ. I thought I knew enough but your training has demonstrated that there is a huge difference when it comes to actual self-defence for the streets. The mental and psychological training is especially interesting as it is quite different to what I was previously used to, but it makes so much sense. This was definitely an eye-opener for me and I will be continuing with my Defence Lab training.


I mainly joined to maintain my fitness and try something new. And the idea of learning self defence in the process also appealed to me. After learning a technique and then practising it at a faster pace, I quickly realised that self defence fitness is not the same a gym fitness! LOL I thoroughly enjoy the training as I build up a great sweat and I also feel more confident with each new technique learnt.


These videos have been a God-send during the lockdown in keeping my two kids busy and occupied, and giving them something positive to focus on and learn. There’s a good variety of lessons which also helps to keep them engaged each week.

R.D & S.D.

Who is teaching in the Home Videos?

It goes without saying that an instructional video is only as good as the Instructor teaching.

For these Home Videos, you will effectively be learning from one of our very best Instructors within Defence Lab and DL Crew Member, Tahir Ahmad.

To get a better idea of who Tahir is, here are just some of his credentials:

  • Owner of the largest and fastest growing franchise within Defence Lab globally.
  • Member of the Board of Examiners for Defence Lab.
  • ‘DL Franchisee of the Year’ each consecutive year since – 2017.
  • NEST Award Winner for ‘Business Growth 2018’.
  • Being the very first and still only one of two in the world to achieve membership into the elite ‘Team Lightning’ within Defence Lab.
  • Heading DL operations in India, Dubai, Abu Dhabi.

Both Students and Instructors can learn a great deal from Tahir in both content and also in ‘how to’ deliver the content.

The Cost of these HVOC Packages

The normal cost for a one hour private lesson with Tahir is $150 (£110). But you will be receiving these Home Videos at a fraction of the cost!

Furthermore, you will have the added bonus of having unlimited access i.e. you will be able to watch these Home Videos as many times as you like and whenever you like!

With an additional bonus, you will also get instant access to the DL Community where you will find more videos as well as be able to engage with others, including DL Founder Andy Norman, Tahir Ahmad and the remaining DL Crew Members.

So what are you waiting for? Click on the link and choose your first package!

Frequently Asked Questions

What experience do I need?

No experience is required whatsoever. These Home Videos are for people of all levels of experience, including complete beginners.

How many HVOC Packages do you plan to make?

Defence Lab is all about ‘Reality Based Self Defence’ which means that there is a VAST amount of amazing training to benefit from in so many different areas of study. Why? Simply because there are so many different possibilities to be found in real life scenarios.

Therefore these HVOC Packages will be taking you on a journey…… and it really does depend on how far you want to take your training.

We have people training with Defence Lab for many years and they are still learning new skills and increasing their understanding. So you will never get bored!

What equipment do I need?

No equipment is needed. People can obviously use punching bags and focus mitts when training with a partner to help in their overall training experience but in reality, one can also easily train solo in shadow, so no equipment is really needed.

Do I need a partner?

There are many benefits in training with a partner but in reality this is not always possible and so many Self Defence and Martial Arts practitioners train solo in shadow as well. Not having a partner should never be an excuse not to train.

What skills will I develop?

Apart from physical fitness and mental well-being, you will also develop many other KEY skills as follows:

  1. First and foremost, you will be learning ‘life-saving’ Self Defence skills.
  2. Increased Confidence, Self-belief and Empowerment – feeling more dangerous naturally gives you more confidence, which in turn automatically makes you less likely to be seen as a target by others.
  3. A greater understanding of street violence and how best to avoid it.
  4. Improved overall balance.
  5. Greater speed and strength.
  6. Better physical co-ordination.
  7. And all of the above Life-skills are also transferrable and beneficial in other areas of one’s life.