Black Belt Grading for the Team

Written by Lead Instructor and DL Crew Member, Tahir Ahmad:

On 14th July 2023, my team and I had our DL Black Belt Grading. Here is a first-hand insight (in detail) into this amazing experience, and in the process, we also managed to break a few records as follows:

1. First one handed Black Belt Grading. 💪🏽😎

2. Youngest Black Belt for Adults Classes at the age of only 15. 💪🏽😎 Continue Reading

Police Officers LOVE our self-defence training too

Last week, within a space of only two days, we were contacted by two separate Police Officers (one male officer and the other a female officer).

Both wanted to enhance their Self Defence training to keep themselves more safe and better protected in a line of work that is unfortunately getting only more dangerous.
After having their first session with us, they were literally blown away by the training given on both Personal Safety and Self Defence. So much so that they will be continuing their training with us. Continue Reading

True Story: This could have happened to anyone

Had a new enquiry from a 25 year old man asking to try out our self defence classes. Two weeks ago, this poor guy was walking with his girlfriend and three men began to harass his girlfriend so naturally he stood up for her but then got terribly beaten by these 3 individuals and ended up with a broken nose and a fractured eye socket.

He further told me that he was meaning to start self defence classes for quite some time now but never got round to it.

It’s never too late to start, and credit to him for now taking that first step but how many other people out there are still oblivious to the dangers on the street, thinking that it would never happen to them? Every victim of violence must have thought the same also.

Please people, this isn’t scare-mongering…..it’s simply highlighting the REALITY OF LIFE. Don’t wait until you become a victim, start your training TODAY!

Defence Lab is a no-nonsense, reality-based fighting system born from the streets of the UK and Spain and it heavily focuses on dealing with multiple attackers. Continue Reading