Last week, within a space of only two days, we were contacted by two separate Police Officers (one male officer and the other a female officer).

Both wanted to enhance their Self Defence training to keep themselves more safe and better protected in a line of work that is unfortunately getting only more dangerous.
After having their first session with us, they were literally blown away by the training given on both Personal Safety and Self Defence. So much so that they will be continuing their training with us.

This is a great testament to the training we provide as it shows yet again that what we teach is REALITY-BASED.

If it doesn’t work in real life then what’s the point in spending so much time, effort and money in learning it?

The training given needs to be battle-tested and needs to work for real life scenarios, otherwise it’s just a hobby that you’re doing like dancing and is NOT Self Defence training

Some people are happy in having a hobby but if keeping yourself safe is your PRIME objective, then you really do need to make sure you choose the right type of training. Otherwise you’re only setting yourself up for a very rude awakening should the need ever arise to put what you’ve learnt into actual use.

Reality-Based Self Defence, Martial Arts and Fitness for Kids and Adults, Businesses and Organisations.

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