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In a world that is only getting more competitive (and scary), how important is it for you to give your child the EDGE?

We help to make your child more Confident, Disciplined, Mentally and Physically Stronger, as well as to give them Leadership Skills and other vital Life Skills which they then carry into every aspect of their future lives….. giving them that edge which sets them apart!

With our unique, fun, innovative and most of all ‘proven’ training techniques, you will not only see amazing results but your child will also have an amazing time in the process. It’s a Win Win!

What do the Children Learn?

Defence Lab classes are very different to the traditional martial arts, with a more innovative approach to teaching style, as well as ensuring that the techniques taught are more reality based. There is also greater emphasis on the mental and psychological aspect of training, thereby developing even greater confidence.

The ‘DL Kids’ program is a watered down version of our adults program (click here to have a look at our adults program) where children still get to learn our new and reality based Self-Defence system, as well as learning and developing key ‘Life Skills’ including Leadership Skills.

In our 4 to 6 years old group, the children defend themselves against the Naughty Pirates and the Naughty Goblins with fun and interactive games.

In our 7 to 12 years old group, the children are taught how to defend against ‘real life bullies’ so the training becomes more realistic and the techniques and principles are now taught with a deeper understanding.

It’s important to note that our Self-Defence training is designed to deal with both single and multiple opponents, very much like ‘real life’ scenarios of today.

To top this all off, the lessons are always taught in a fun, warm and pleasant environment, where each child will also genuinely feel being part of something ‘awesome’.


A Great Investment into Your Children and Their Future

  • Physical Benefits:
    • Improving Strength, Fitness, Body Co-ordination and Reflexes
    • Improving Body Tone
  • Mental & Psychological Benefits:
    • Building a strong sense of self-belief, confidence and self-esteem – this will continue to help them in every aspect of their lives as they continue to grow older!
    • Greater ability to face obstacles and challenges in life.
    • Being a very physical activity as well, it is also one of the most effective ways to improve your mental health. Regular exercise can have a profoundly positive impact on depression, anxiety, ADHD, and more. It also relieves stress, improves memory, helps you sleep better, and boosts overall mood. This is turn helps a child or adult to perform better in their studies and work life.
  • KEEP THEM SAFE by helping them to learn a truly effective Self-Defence System to protect themselves against all sorts of dangers:
    • Anti-Bullying
    • Stranger Danger
    • Building Awareness
    • How to Avoid Danger
    • How to React to Danger
  • Learning Key Life Skills:
    • Leadership
    • Self-Control
    • Discipline
    • Honour
    • Teamwork
    • Respect
    • Humbleness
    • Moral and Ethical Values
  • Greater Respect and Discipline at home and in school also!
  • Developing close friendships – it is a fact that those who train together develop a strong bond between them which only helps one to have a healthy social life and further develop social skills.
  • A sense of belonging and being part of something amazing!

All these skills and benefits will remain with them and continue to help them throughout their lives which is truly priceless!

No other activity is able to bring about such a profound and deep transformation as our DL Kids classes.

Defence Lab for kids in Worcester Park


If your child is experiencing Bullying OR if you have any concerns regarding Bullying, especially in School, then we are sure that our ‘Anti-Bullying Program’ will greatly help.

This program is unlike any other, extremely realistic in its approach and helping to educate both the child and the parents in how to ‘effectively’ deal with Bullying!

For more information on our ‘Anti-Bullying Program’, please click here.

Summary of Benefits for your Child:

The most important area to work on for any child is their ability to focus and concentrate. At the end of the day, if a child cannot concentrate then how can he/she be expected to learn? By using the 3 rules of concentration – focus your eyes, focus your mind, and focus your body – your child will see a great improvement in their overall ability to focus and concentrate. This in turn will naturally help with improving their school grades too!
Students learn that by only giving respect does one get respect, and that one should treat others the way they wish to be treated themselves. Above all, respecting one’s parents and teachers is of the utmost importance.
Self Confidence:
Martial arts is extremely effective in gaining self confidence. This is achieved in two ways – firstly, as students see themselves improving over time as they progress through the belts to their Black Grade, their self-belief and confidence also simultaneously grows. Secondly, by learning to defend themselves they naturally feel more secure which in turn breeds even more confidence.
Strength and Fitness:
Martial arts is also a great way to improve strength and fitness as it practically works every muscle in your body.
Body co-ordination and agility:
By having to learn the various techniques and through the general training of martial arts, children always benefit from greater agility and body motion/co-ordination.
Self Control:
Children are taught to develop control over their bodies through various exercises in class. As they learn to control their bodies, they also begin to have greater control of their minds and the sudden urge to react in a negative way.
Improving in other sports/activities:
In our classes, we work a great deal on developing a child’s overall speed, power, timing, flexibility and body co-ordination. These skills are easily transferrable to other sports and activities and so your child will even see improvement outside of class and in other areas of their life.
Self Discipline:
Our students are taught to have the attitude to act upon all good and positive actions without delay and without having to be told or reminded, for example, cleaning their room, doing their homework, or practicing their martial arts. Self discipline is just like a muscle, the more it is used, the stronger it gets.
Self Defence:
Apart from teaching the physical aspects of self defence, it is also very important to teach the children the concept, the mind-set and the attitude of self defence. Having awareness and being able to recognise potential danger before it takes place is key if one wishes to avoid it altogether. Prevention is always preferable to reaction.
Prevent Bullying:
Many parents enrol their children into our classes for this very reason. Children are not only taught the importance of body language but also the importance of having the right mind-set. Giving out the right signals and being able to express themselves in a confident way, as well as having good physical and mental tactics are all very effective ways in dealing with bullies.
Making New Friends and a Sense of Belonging:
Your child will meet many other children in the classes, all of whom will have the same positive goals and purpose. Training together on an on-going basis develops a certain bond, especially within martial arts. Your child will not only make new friends but will also feel a strong sense of belonging, feeling a part of something truly awesome!
Life Skills:
As well as teaching self defence, we also coach key life skills that stay with the children through to adulthood.

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