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5 STARS – I started my Martial Arts lessons as a teenager with Karate, then moved onto Kung Fu, then Thai Boxing and finally MMA. However, learning Defence Lab has been a complete shift in style and perspective regarding self-defence. Out of all the martial arts I had done in the past, this by far is the most realistic and catered for street self-defence. The concept of multiple opponents, and in particular the use of elbows and attack/defence at the same time is invaluable. For anyone wanting to learn how to defend themselves in real life situations, this is the class to join.

5 STARS – Cannot speak highly enough of Tahir (lead instructor) and his methods of training. My 11 year old daughter started here in December and her enthusiasm show’s no bounds! The whole training ethos has had such a positive impact on her. Training can be hard but is always fun and teaches everyone respect and the value of looking out for not just yourself but friends as well. I can highly recommend this class to anyone interested in getting fitter, having fun and learning skills to take forward in life. Come along, give it a try, you will not be disappointed!!!

5 STARS – I just wanted to thank you for providing such an incredible experience for my son. I thoroughly enjoyed watching him last night. It’s obvious that he loves your lessons! I wanted to let you know what a big impact it had on me. You see he always tends to shy away from anything that involves standing up in front of people. From school plays and assemblies to show-and-tell in his class. He usually lands up in a mess of tears because of the anxiety he feels. So last night when he was first to volunteer to tell a joke, I was lost for words. Considering it was only his 3rd lesson, and that he didn’t know anyone from the Monday group, I couldn’t believe it! Seeing him run up to you to tell his pirate joke confidently is something I will cherish forever. It may be a normal tiny thing for most kids, but that was a really big deal for Sam. And for me. So I thank you and your team from the bottom of my heart. You are making a difference. It gives me hope and reassurance. Thank you so much!

5 STARS – I  have been training with Tahir and the rest of the gang at Defence Lab in Worcester Park since the beginning of the year and have enjoyed every training session. As soon as the session is finished I’m looking forward to the next training night. It really is that easy to get hooked. They’re a great bunch of students with a mixture of both male and female who all get on really well, even when sparring and getting hit round the head with a sparring pad, the Instructors are very professional and the training is serious but it’s also made fun and enjoyable. Since I started Defence Lab I have lost nearly a stone in weight but the best thing is how much I’ve grown in confidence, although I was never shy to begin with, give it a try and you’ll see what I mean.

5 STARS – My 3 children go to Defence Lab and they just can’t get enough. They are always excited to go and looking forward to the next class. The instructors are just amazing and what they teach is an incredible self defence system that goes into all the aspects of personal safety and self defence. Although Defence Lab is a new system compared to other styles, it is incredibly realistic in its approach. To know that the children are learning something that is designed for real life as opposed to competition is very re-assuring as a parent. Despite it being new, I love the fact that the classes still hold on to the traditional values of respect, honour, humbleness and integrity. The life skills that they teach are a great bonus and I am not the only parent who has seen positive changes in the children. I would recommend Defence Lab to anyone. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed!

5 STARS – I started Defence Lab in November and I am really enjoying it! The class has a great atmosphere and it is a lot of fun. Over the past few months, my fitness levels have improved a great deal and I have also learnt some valuable self defence techniques. One of the brilliant things about Defence Lab is that it is all geared towards real life situations, meaning that all of the techniques make common sense. Tahir is a fantastic instructor; he pushes you to work as hard as you can, but also gives you tons of encouragement and lots of helpful feedback. I would recommend to anyone of any age or fitness level!

5 STARS – My son loves Defence Lab. I had previously tried him on karate and kick boxing and he never really took to them. Defence Lab is taught in a much more fun way for children, all the while they are staying fit, learning how to look after themselves (from multiple attackers) and learning respect. I think a class like this is invaluable, especially in this day and age. I will feel much more confident of Daniel going out as he gets older knowing that if necessary, he will have the tools to be able to look after himself. Tahir is a wonderful teacher and is just fantastic with the kids. I can’t recommend Defence Lab highly enough!!!!!

5 STARS – I’ve been doing martial arts on and off for over 15 years, from Karate to Thai boxing to MMA. Defence Lab techniques though have been mind opening. The emphasis on multiple opponents and being able to continue to defend yourself whilst not only standing but kneeling, sitting and lying is all incredibly valuable to know should the worst occur. This particular “lab” in Worcester Park is incredibly friendly, fun and caters for all ages. Definitely and most highly recommended.

5 STARS – My daughter has been going to DL now for nearly a year. She really enjoys going & the confidence that she now has is really noticeable. The classes are hard, but at the same time made enjoyable for the children. You can see a real change in the children as they learn new skills & new ways of dealing with confrontation. The level of fitness that the children are also gaining is amazing. I would recommend anyone with children to give DL a go. They learn so much but also have fun doing it.

5 STARS – I love Defence Lab! My instructor is excellent (Tahir) I started with one to one lessons and now feel ready to join the group classes. I am on the ASD spectrum and have sensory issues, my instructor has been very sensitive to my special needs and has helped me develop great defensive skills and give me confidence and maturity.

5 STARS – Such a brilliant class! I can’t recommend this enough. My 4.5 yr old loves DL. Sir teaches respect, teamwork and confidence, all great life skills. The games are educational but fun and full of energy, sir really knows how to keep them focused!

5 STARS – My son’s been going to defence lab for a few months now & he absolutely loves it! His confidence has grown considerably and I feel he’s now able to handle situations much better than previously. The guys running the training are absolutely fabulous, they’re brilliant with the kids and know how to keep it exciting. Would definitely recommend.

5 STARS – What can I say! I have tried a few martial arts classes here and there, but never felt satisfied. There was always a question in my mind saying what if the other person does this? Or does that? What will save you then? All these questions are easily answered in DL. DL does not only teach you real life situation, but also a real life situation with multiple attackers! Since joining, my fitness level has improved, I have more confidence on the street, if I ever need to react. It couldn’t be put any better: “We study violence so as to escape it, prevent it, and if all else fails, utilise it ourselves to survive.” Highly recommend it to all age groups! Thank you Tahir and Defence Lab!

5 STARS – Brilliant! My son of 4.5 has been going to defence lab for almost six months now and absolutely loves it. He had previously attended a different martial arts class but had begun to find it boring – lots of repetition, lack of social interaction and re- tying his belt throughout the class! Defence lab is fantastic because it’s great fun and with an emphasis on teamwork and friendship he has lots of friends in the class.

5 STARS – Our son (year 6), really enjoys Defence Lab. He comes twice a week and you can see his self confidence growing each week. The instructors are amazing with the kids, they make it fun while teaching the children invaluable lessons! We would highly recommend Defence Lab to anyone interested in self defence, fitness or building self confidence.

5 STARS – I’m very pleased I’ve found this class for my daughter! Great instructors that are enthusiastic, knowledgeable and caring – it truly makes all the difference. I see Martial Arts as a great work-out, confidence builder and hopefully, it will allow my daughter to defend herself if she would get into trouble (which let’s cross fingers, won’t be the case). We are a sporty family and sport should be fun so that it becomes a way of life… I think Defence lab understands that very well.

5 STARS – Both my boys LOVE defence lab. They really enjoy the classes, have made lots of new friends and have gained so much more confidence. The class is fun which makes them want to teach their friends and cousins the new things they have learned 🙂

5 STARS – I would highly recommend Defence Lab Training. My daughter has been taking lessons with Tahir, and her fitness and confidence have improved greatly. Tahir is a fantastic instructor. He explains very clearly, and teaches in fun and engaging way. I am very pleased that my daughter is learning important life skills thanks to Defence Lab Training.

5 STARS – Both my children started Defence Lab in September, they enjoy every class, the confidence it has given them is amazing. I 100% recommend this to anyone.

5 STARS – My first session for my son in the adults group and he loved it and I loved it too hopefully he doesn’t use that on me.

5 STARS – Hiba enjoys it a lot and never thinks to miss any lesson. And she wakes up so excited on the days she has the lessons.

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