Private Sessions: 1-2-1 or Groups

We can proudly say that due to the high level of demand for what we teach, we not only have private clients travelling from across the UK but internationally too.

To be able to effectively react to and deal with an aggressive / life-threatening situation, muscle memory is key and this needs to be trained, built and maintained over time.

Our Weekly Classes at any one of our venues are a great way to achieve this but we understand that this option may not always be feasible or that some people may simply want something extra. This is where Private Sessions come into play and they are a great option:

  • If you already attend our Weekly Classes but want to give your training that extra BOOST.
  • If you are looking to maximise your training, in other words:
    • Faster progression.
    • Deeper understanding.
    • Learn techniques not found in the Weekly Classes Syllabus.
  • If you want to focus your training on something specific.
  • If your work / lifestyle / place of residence does not allow you to attend our Weekly Classes.
  • If you simply prefer one-to-one training for whatever reason.

Private Sessions can be taken either on a 1-2-1 basis or as a group, by both children and adults and even whole families.


“My children have been attending one to one lessons with Tahir and Defence Lab Training for the past few months and all I can say is my return on investment has been awesome to another level.

It’s a pleasure to watch my children perform well executed techniques way beyond their years whilst Tahir installs the confidence, respect and life skills that nobody should be without.

If you’re looking at accelerating your training to the next level give the private lessons a bash.”

Paul J

“My preteen and teenage daughters and I love our weekly session with Tahir, which we do in our home, at our own pace. His warmth, respect, professionalism and the fact that he is a father himself, puts us all at ease in working so closely with him. To paraphrase one of my girls, Tahir has become a positive male role model for her and I agree.

It gives me more peace of mind knowing that my daughters are gradually becoming more street-wise, more aware of anticipating and avoiding violence & danger, and more capable of responding to and escaping from it if it’s unavoidable. This has the unexpected effect of reducing our general fear rather than exacerbating it. Although it’s only been a few months, we all feel more knowledgeable already and it has had a positive impact on our self confidence. And it feels appropriate to be learning real street defence rather than martial arts. With my eldest moving to university in London this year, I feel reassured that she will be better equipped to be living alone. She wants to continue her training when she moves, as we all understand that regular repetition is essential to maintain the skills and strength. Hoping that’ll be possible!”



“I first saw Tahir and his team from Defence Lab Training during a demonstration that they did in front of a very large crowd of a few thousand people and I instantly knew then that this is something that I needed to learn. So I booked a free taster session with them and immediately after finishing my first lesson I decided to join the weekly classes and also signed up for private lessons straight away as I wanted to master this system as quickly as possible.

Tahir is an awesome teacher. He is able to really break thing downs and explain techniques in great detail which not only makes the learning easier but also more fascinating at the same time. He’s just that good.

He’s also able to put you at ease very quickly, a down to earth guy and always smiling. I have found him to be very trustworthy and honest, always teaching you with best of his knowledge.

The best thing about him is his passion for Defence Lab and Self Defence in general. He conducts our private lessons in very friendly yet very creative way. DL gave me a whole new level of self confidence, and I finally started believing in myself!

Thanks Tahir and Defence Lab Training!”


“I have been training with Tahir in private one to one sessions due to not being able to make the regular classes.

I’ll admit I had been trying out various martial arts and self defence methods but hadn’t quite found something that 1, I loved and 2, truly believed would work in a real life situation.

Tahir introduced me to the DL fundamentals by way of drills, informative explanations, games and role play always reminding me of the core principles and focusing on the minutiae of the technique. He also called out the importance of training in “fight mode” I.e. not just going through the motions which makes perfect sense from a psychological point of view.

I can honestly say I always look forward to the sessions as I’m always keen to learn the next new thing or to add layers to what I already know. Tahir is patient, puts you at ease but also drives you to focus and push on when necessary.

Can’t recommend Tahir and Defence Lab enough!!!”


“Our son has private, one to one lessons with Tahir. It has been so pleasing to watch him learn a discipline, a skill for life and have such fun doing it. His fitness levels and confidence in particular have gone through the roof, he looks strong and confident with his moves and he is fast making his way up the gradings.

Tahir is a very warm, kind and inspiring person and has such an infectious enthusiasm and passion for his job, he’s a real people person, a very natural and good teacher who has a perfect balanced approach of teaching a discipline and getting results and making each lesson enjoyable for our son. I thoroughly recommend Defence Lab for young people, it’s so important in this day and age for our children to be able to learn the skills to protect themselves for what could be a real life situation. Give it a go, it’s money well spent and your child will love it!”


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