Empower Your Child with our Unique, Realistic and Effective Anti-Bullying Program

Nobody wants their child to be bullied, so why not make your child Bully-Proof?

It needs to be understood that the entire family suffers when a child is being bullied.

And unfortunately, many are unsure on how to effectively deal with Bullying, especially in school.

This unique Anti-Bullying Program is designed to put a stop to this for good, by educating both children and parents.

The training provided is very specific and provides much needed answers.

This program is not only for children who are being bullied but for all children, helping them to become ‘Bully-Proof’.

Videos for Children of All Ages. The feedback has been fantastic.

The Areas Covered

3 Videos over 105 minutes in total covering ALL of the following KEY aspects:

What is Bullying?

The 3 types of Bullying.

How bullying in School is different than outside of School?

Why School policy doesn’t work.

Why are most children afraid of defending themselves in School?

Bullying in School discussed in more detail.

What do Schools tell you to do if you are being bullied?

Why this Anti-Bullying Program will help?

How bullying makes you feel.

Does defending yourself make you a bad person?

How to effectively deal with ‘Verbal Bullying’ without getting into trouble.

How best to respond if a bully pushes you?

The possibility of ‘multiple’ bullies.

Discussing the most difficult part – what do you do if a bully tries to hit you?

How must you react if a bully tries to hit you and dealing with the consequences?

The role of Parents.

Feeling more confident both generally and specifically in dealing with bullying in School.

Some of the Benefits to this Anti-Bullying Program

High Quality

Easy to follow

Great structure and very methodical

Ability to stop, rewind and play as many times as you want AND play at any time you want

In-depth training and explanation given

Learn and train from the comfort of your own home

What are People Saying?

Love how everything is so well explained, not just for the children but for the parents too, which I feel is just as important as you rightly explained in the videos. Very insightful and helpful. I know this will make a big difference! This is just what we needed! Thank you!


No nonsense, straight to the point and thinking outside the box in a situation where many sadly find themselves frustrated due to not knowing what to do and not getting the help and support they need. This should be taught everywhere.


This program genuinely understands the issue of Bullying and gives realistic solutions which I see working. A truly refreshing approach to an age-old problem.


My son was suffering from bullying and it really knocked his confidence to the point that his personality changed. We even thought about changing schools but after speaking to Tahir, we realised that bullies exist everywhere and running won’t solve anything. My son had the fortunate opportunity to train this program live with Tahir and the change in my son has literally been amazing! He actually stood up for himself and the bullying subsequently stopped! My son has his confidence back and I have my son back……. Thank you Tahir! I really recommend all children having this training!


Who are these Home Videos for?

  1. Absolute Beginners – the training is designed to teach children of all ages, with no previous experience.
  2. Children with previous experience of Martial Arts / Self Defence – just because a child has some experience does not mean that they will know what to do when it comes to dealing with bullies in school. In fact, this area is so difficult to navigate through that every child will need help and guidance on what to do regardless of any previous training.
  3. Existing DL students – As already mentioned, this training is very ‘specific’ in an area most children find difficulty to deal with. It is therefore vital for this specific training to be always at the forefront of any child’s preparation because one simply does not know when a child will need it! As children are also prone to forgetting, it is very important to also regularly go over this training throughout the year (just like all good training), so that a child is able to build the required instinctive reaction and muscle memory needed in order to be able to react effectively should the need arise. Therefore, it is recommended that even existing DL students should get this program so that they can train on a regular basis throughout the year.
  4. Instructors from any style or background:
    i) At the end of the day, Instructors sell information so it makes sense to maximise one’s own knowledge.
    ii) Once again, as this training is very in-depth, Instructors will also get a deeper understanding on the subject of Anti-Bullying.
    iii) Knowing is NOT enough….. being able to effectively transmit the information to your students is also vital if one wishes to be a great instructor and have a successful school / club. This is an art in itself! With this program, Instructors will also be able to learn directly from one of the best DL Instructors in the world, who is also the most successful DL Instructor in the world. Having only started in 2015, he managed to build and run the largest DL Franchise globally in only two years, as well as maintaining this position consecutively each year since.

Who is actually teaching in this Anti-Bullying Program?

It goes without saying that an instructional video is only as good as the Instructor teaching.

This Anti-Bullying Program was designed and developed by one of our very best Instructors within Defence Lab and DL Crew Member, Tahir Ahmad, who himself suffered from bullying when he was younger.

Tahir has therefore brought his own experiences to this program, as well as the experience of teaching his own 3 children how to become ‘Bully-Proof’ as they journeyed through school and beyond.

To get a better idea of who Tahir is, here are just some of his credentials:

  • Owner of the largest and fastest growing franchise within Defence Lab globally.
  • Member of the Board of Examiners for Defence Lab.
  • ‘DL Franchisee of the Year’ each consecutive year since – 2017.
  • NEST Award Winner for ‘Business Growth 2018’.
  • Being the very first and still only one of two in the world to achieve membership into the elite ‘Team Lightning’ within Defence Lab.
  • Heading DL operations in India, Dubai, Abu Dhabi.

Both Students and Instructors can learn a great deal from Tahir in both content and also in ‘how to’ deliver the content.

The Cost of this Anti-Bullying Program

The normal cost for a one-off private lesson with Tahir is $150 (approx. £110) and above at a time. And you will be receiving a total of 3 lessons from Tahir, valuing a total of $450 (approx £330).

However, the original cost for this Anti-Bullying Program was initially set at only $99 (approx. £72) BUT we decided to reduce the price even further. So you can now have access to this entire program, consisting of 3 separate sessions as many times as you like and whenever you like, for only $49.99 (approx. £36).

Compared to having physical classes, you pay only a fraction of the cost and for unlimited access…… thus allowing your child to keep coming back to this training throughout the year and as many times as needed!

If you’re after a ‘No-Nonsense and Reality Based’ solution to Bullying, then you need to get this program!

As an EXTRA bonus, you will also get instant access to the DL Community where you will find more videos, as well as be able to engage with others, including DL Founder Andy Norman, Tahir Ahmad and the remaining DL Crew Members.

With immediate access given, don’t delay and start your child’s training and self-empowerment TODAY!

Anti-Bullying Program

$ 49.99

(Approx. £36) One-Off Price for Lifetime Access

Frequently Asked Questions

What experience do I need?

No experience is required whatsoever. This program is for children of all levels of experience, including complete beginners.

What equipment do I need?

No equipment is needed. People can obviously use punching bags and focus mitts when training with a partner to help in their overall training experience but in reality, one can also easily train solo in shadow, so no equipment is really needed.

Do I need a partner?

There are many benefits in training with a partner but in reality, this is not always possible and so many Self Defence and Martial Arts practitioners train solo in shadow as well. Not having a partner should never be an excuse not to train or learn. With regards to this specific program, a child can have a parent act as the bully if need be.

What skills will I develop?

Your child will develop many skills as follows:

  1. Greater understanding of Bullying and how best to deal with it.
  2. Increased Confidence, Self-belief and Empowerment.
  3. Learning valuable (and potentially ‘life-saving’) Self Defence skills.
  4. Mental well-being.
  5. Greater speed and strength.
  6. Better physical co-ordination.
  7. And all of the above Life-skills are also transferrable and beneficial in other areas of a child’s life.

How long is this Anti-Bullying Program?

A total of 105 minutes of life-changing information, broken into 3 separate sessions.