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It’s All About Decrypting the “Chaos Code”

The new ‘DNA Fight Science’ program developed by Defence Lab is a reality based combat system that has gone through the evolutionary process and will always continue to do so. It is a fighting method that has progressed and advanced to meet the challenges of today which are very different from the challenges of the past.

To develop this amazing new system has taken over 30 years of testing and training, along with ‘real-life experiences’, and the desperate need to answer that all important question: “DOES IT REALLY WORK?”

See the DNA Fight Science program in action in the video above:

DNA Fight Science Worcester Park

What is DNA Fight Science?

We have always been fascinated with the study of the human; DNA clearly being a “secret” code of our genetic makeup.

We have, right from the very beginning of our studies, been captivated with the process of defence in attack; how to make a defence mechanism the most brutal and ballistic form of self-defence, as luck would have it, DNA can also be seen as an acronym for defence ‘in’ attack… so that’s how the DNA fight science name came about.

DNA – Defence in Attack; perfectly describes what we do.

What is the Most Powerful Human Instinct?


To Survive!

Cultivation of INSTINCT is at the very core of the DNA Fight Science program and results directly from real experiences and events, as well as years of investigation and research in the ‘Lab’.

Being the provocative and inspirational combat system that it is, the DNA Fight Science program will prompt you, incite you, challenge you and revolutionise forever your approach to combat training.

Keeping it Real

With evolution being a natural cycle of life, our world continues to transform in all areas. Things all around us are constantly progressing and changing and we have no option but to keep up otherwise we simply get left behind. It is no different with martial arts and self defence.

If the most powerful human instinct is to survive, then we must all adapt to our ever-changing surroundings. To maximize the chances of self-preservation of ourselves and our loved ones, our own skills and abilities must also continue to evolve with the times.

This is why there is a complete modern approach to the DNA Fight Science process. It is not bound or limited by outdated traditions and practices. The process of evolution will remain never ending.

Does it Really Work?

This is the most important question.

It has taken more than 30 years of research, countless hours of training and numerous ‘real-world experiences’ (aka fights) to develop the DNA Fight Science program, never failing to ask and solve the question at every step – “Does it Really Work?”

This is NOT just another martial art or self defense system. It has been heavily ‘battle tested’ and thoroughly reviewed by fellow peers and martial art experts. See for yourself what they have to say about the DNA Fight Science system in the video shown at the bottom of this page.

You simply cannot afford not to have the DNA Fight Science program in your arsenal!

Don’t miss out and harness your full potential!

Unlock the POTENTIAL in Your DNA

Long ago when humans were hunter gatherers, fighting for survival on a daily basis was just part of being alive. They had no option but to be tough and so they took full advantage of their natural fighting instinct.

In modern times however, humans have become ‘domesticated’. Most people have simply forgotten this natural ability to face danger but it does not mean that they have lost it completely.

Deep within, this natural fighting instinct still remains albeit dormant.

The DNA Fight Science system is specifically designed to tap into this natural instinct. By re-awakening the code within your DNA, you will once again find the ability to FIGHT FOR SURVIVAL.

If you are a beginner to martial arts and self defence, then the DNA Fight Science system will quickly teach you EFFECTIVE and REALISTIC self defense.
If you have trained in other styles, then this system will certainly ENHANCE what you already do.

Our Specialty: Close Quarters Combat

does-defence-lab-workAll ranges of combat are covered within the DNA Fight Science program but our forte is certainly our aggressive ‘Smash and Enter’ process. This has always been Andy’s objective i.e. to develop a combat system that enables us to perform under pressure in close quarters. The aim is to OWN the close quarter domain.

Learn It. Fatigue It. Stress It Out.

We use the following 3 steps for learning the DNA Fight Science System:

1) LEARN IT – First you learn the technique(s) and understand how the move(s) work.

2) FATIGUE IT – You then practice the moves in order to develop muscle memory.

3) STRESS IT OUT – Then comes the MOST important part and this is what makes the DNA Fight Science program so different to any other martial art. You stress it out through various stress drills i.e. sparring and scenario combat (e.g. sitting at a bar, in the movies, in the club etc) with the aim of learning how to effectively function under stress!

Join now to:

  • Improve Fitness, Strength and Conditioning
  • Build Confidence
  • Develop Mobility and Flexibility
  • Raise Self Awareness and Self Esteem
  • Incinerate Calories
  • Aid Weight Loss
  • Cultivate Self Discipline and Respect
  • Build New Friendships and Team Spirit
  • Education about Leading a Healthy Lifestyle
  • Offer a Massive De-Stress
  • Have Great Fun
  • And above all, Learn a Proven and Tested Self Defence System!

This is NOT just another martial art or self defense system. It has been heavily ‘battle tested’ and thoroughly reviewed by fellow peers and martial art experts. See for yourself what they have to say about the DNA Fight Science system in this video below:

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