Testimonial: Ellie & Jay Baker

By 29th September 2017 October 16th, 2017 Testimonial

Below are two very inspiring real stories of a pair of twins only 12 years of age. The sister literally used to get surrounded by a group of bullies on a regular basis and the brother would come to help but would end up becoming a victim too. Everything changed when their parents got the twins to join Defence Lab and what happened to a bully soon afterwards gave everyone a clear message that these twins were going to be victims no more!

No child deserves to be bullied. Great credit and respect to the parents for helping their children to find their inner strength and the same goes to the children for finally standing up for themselves! This change is truly profound if one thinks about it as it will impact their lives in so many positive ways in future too.

Read their testimonials below:

Ellie Baker – 12 years’ old

Both my children (12-year-old twins Ellie and Jay) have been attending Defence Lab classes for two months now and both enjoy it very much.

Ellie is ASD spectrum, and finds many everyday tasks challenging. This leads to her being bullied at school regularly, which is knocking her confidence and self-esteem terribly.

Right from the first DL session, the instructor Farhaj has taken the time to explain and show Ellie the DL moves, and he has taught Ellie to believe in herself. He always motivates her to do more than she thinks she is able to.

After eight weeks at DL classes, Ellie has finally stuck up for herself against the bullies!

A girl pulled Ellie’s hair and Ellie put both hands over her forehead and barged into the girl’s chest. She then grabbed the girl by the wrist, pulled her towards her, and put the girl into a tight headlock. Ellie refused to let go until teachers came over 5 minutes later. The girl ran off choking and crying!

I cannot speak highly enough of Farhaj. As a parent, it is reassuring to know that both of my children are learning something that is designed for real life scenarios as opposed to competition. I would 100% recommend DL classes to any parent for their children. Watching their confidence grow weekly is fantastic.

Thank you Farhaj

Jay Baker – 12 years’ old

Jay is 12 years old, and has been doing Defence Lab classes for two months. He has never been very confident, but since joining DL, his confidence has grown tremendously!

Jay thoroughly enjoys each session, and speaks very highly of his instructor Farhaj who helps and encourages Jay every step of the way.

Since joining Defence Lab, Jay has also been able to finally defend himself in school against a bully by using the moves taught to him by Farhaj.

I would strongly recommend Defence Lab classes to any parent for their children.

Thank you so much for your help Farhaj.

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