A Touching and Proud Moment

By 16th November 2018 November 20th, 2018 DL Training

Yesterday during one of our Kids classes, two parents informed me of what recently happened with their 7 year old son, Jaxson, in school.

Jaxson has been training Self Defence and Martial Arts with Defence Lab for 3 years now. He’s an incredibly sweet and well mannered little boy.

A few days ago in his school, Jaxson saw that one of his friends was being bullied by two other boys and so he went up to them and firmly told them to stop.

He said it with such confidence that the two bullies immediately backed off.

Now let’s remind ourselves that Jaxson is only 7 years old but he had the confidence to confront two other boys in order to help his friend.

When I asked him why did he do that? He simply answered ” I didn’t want my friend to get hurt.”

It’s such a heart-warming story, one which made Jaxson’s parents so proud. And they kept on saying that it’s all because of his Self Defence training with Defence Lab.

I would like to add that Jaxson’s parents also deserve a huge amount of credit for realising and understanding the many benefits of this training and for making the effort to bringing Jaxson to the classes each week.

The classes are always fun and exciting but it’s real incidents like this that serve as a reminder as to why we have this training.

It’s great that the situation didn’t get physical and most often it doesn’t need to because of one having so much confidence (and so becoming ‘bully proof’ so to speak)…… but to get that confidence does take time and effort…… like most good and worthwhile things do.

Once again, well done Jaxson! Very proud of you little man!

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