Unique martial arts classes for adults and children in Long Ditton and Thames Ditton

Defence Lab is Long Ditton and Thames Ditton’s most popular new martial arts programme for adults, women and children in the area.

Defence Lab is a revolutionary new martial arts programme and will be unlike anything you have experienced before. Our system teaches truly effective self defence techniques and martial arts that work in the real world, on the street, against multiple attackers.

Created by Andy Norman and looking at all areas of attack and defence, Defence Lab examines all aspects of attack and it has progressed to meet the demands and challenges that we face today and will continue to evolve in the future. Unlike other traditional Japanese and Korean martial arts, we do not use ‘set’ moves or claim to be the perfect system.

Defence Lab is not designed for the ring where there are winners and losers; it is simply about real-life experiences, tested against the question: “Does it work?” At the very core of the DNA Fight Science programme and Defence Lab is the cultivation of instinct, which is why our system is not bound by outdated traditions; we must change as the world around us changes.

Our centres in Worcester Park and Surbiton are run by Tahir Ahmad and his team of Instructors, who are passionate about the benefits our programme can bring. They teach weekly classes for children from age four upwards, through to teenagers and adults. They also offer personal safety and self defence courses, special seminars on women’s personal safety and self defence, team-building exercises and tailor-made packages for corporate clients.

Tahir and his team have a vast amount of experience teaching children and adults and refuse to be held back by old techniques, embracing Defence Lab’s philosophy, whilst always adopting best practises of the time. Friendly and out-going, they push important traditional values like honesty, loyalty and integrity.

To join now, call 0800 246 5972. We also offer self defence training in Thames Ditton and Long Ditton.

Unique martial arts classes for adults and children in Long Ditton and Thames Ditton
Unique martial arts classes for adults and children in Long Ditton and Thames Ditton
Unique martial arts classes for adults and children in Long Ditton and Thames Ditton
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Learn martial arts today in Thames Ditton and Long Ditton

We know there are many martial arts schools in the area. So why come to us?

Learn a MMA system that:

  • Is tried and tested and based in reality
  • Will improve your strength, fitness and condition
  • Genuinely deals with gang assault and looks at multiple scenarios, including strikers, knife defence and MMA-skilled opponents
  • Will help build confidence, self awareness and self esteem
  • Will develop mobility, agility and flexibility
  • Boosts self discipline, respect and team work
  • Will help you de-stress and sleep better
  • Will aid focus at school or work
  • Will aid weight loss and burn calories
  • Is used in Hollywood, where Andy Norman taught Christian Bale and Liam Neeson for Batman Begins!
  • Is fun and inclusive.

To book our martial arts classes in Thames Ditton and Long Ditton, call us now!

For more info or to chat to one of our team about Defence Lab and how it could help you or your child, please ring 0800 246 5972, email info@defencelabtraining.co.uk or fill in an online contact form and we will happily give you a free trial session!