Learn a world-class fighting system at our martial arts classes in Surbiton

Experience the best atmosphere and training at our martial arts school, which teaches a free-thinking, non-competitive fighting system, hailed as the most effective self-defence system known to man. Based in Worcester Park, with students from Surbiton and Berrylands and all around Surrey, we are unlike any other martial arts course.

Defence Lab Training is a self-defence training programme, designed by one of the best martial artists and self-defence experts in the world, Andy Norman. We offer a friendly and safe place to train, build fitness and self-esteem and we teach our students a world-class fighting system, based on real-life scenarios and scientific techniques, gleaned from two decades of focused study.

There a huge number of Korean and Japanese martial arts systems out there to learn. So how does Defence Lab stand apart from these other methods?

  • Free-thinking and constantly evolving: Our system is never restricted and our techniques are not designed to be done in a very specific way; it is constantly evolving and changing as the world changes around us.
  • It has been heavily tested by self defence experts and we know that it works where it matters most – in a real-life scenario with multiple attackers.
  • We give our students the tools to understand themselves and their opponents better, through looking at physical, mental, emotional and spiritual sides of being human.
  • Our instructors do not claim to know everything and every technique; developments and evolution of our techniques are celebrated.

We run regular weekly classes, team-building exercises and tailor-made packages for corporate clients and private lessons. To find out more, please call us on 0800 246 1878.

I've been doing martial arts on and off for over 15 years, from Karate to Thai boxing to MMA. Defence Lab techniques though have been mind opening. The emphasis on multiple opponents and being able to continue to defend yourself whilst not only standing but kneeling, sitting and lying is all incredibly valuable to know should the worst occur. This particular "lab" in Worcester Park is incredibly friendly, fun and caters for all ages. Definitely and most highly recommended. .
Learn a world-class fighting system at our martial arts classes in Surbiton
Learn a world-class fighting system at our martial arts classes in Surbiton
Learn a world-class fighting system at our martial arts classes in Surbiton

Thinking about Kung Fu lessons or kickboxing self defence classes? Top reasons you should train with Defence Lab martial arts in Surbiton and Berrylands

Our training is more about learning a simple set of rules, gleaned from centuries of hearsay. Defence Lab Training offers so much more than that. Here are a few reasons our students love our courses:

  • Develop friendships: Training alongside somebody helps us push barriers and develop friendships that grow further after classes are finished.
  • Self defence: All the boring elements of martial arts have been stripped away to produce a functional, exciting and effective self-defence system.
  • Modern: Our system deals with modern opponents and we have taken all the best elements of martial arts and traditional self defence and these have evolved through study, feedback and training. We look at group attacks, weapon attacks and dealing with those who are stronger than you are.
  • Improve fitness: Many of us go from sitting at a desk job to sitting at home, watching TV. Defence Lab is a new and exciting way to get fit; it improves all areas of physical ability including strength, fitness and co-ordination.
  • Improve mental health: Regular exercise will improve your mental fitness and ease the stress and anxiety of everyday life. Nothing beats getting sweaty in one of our classes to forget about a difficult day at school or work!

For unique martial arts training, martial arts for kids and martial arts for women in Surbiton, please call Defence Lab now!

For more info or to speak to one of our trainers, please call us now on 0800 246 1878. Alternatively you could email us on info@defencelabtraining.co.uk or fill in an online contact form.

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