Learn our unique mixed martial arts system that is changing the world of MMA in Tadworth

Would you like to learn about the true reality of the physical and mental aspects of reality-based combat? Are you thinking about taking combat training classes as an exciting way to get fit and improve your self-esteem? Perhaps you want to know more about martial arts training?

Defence Lab is a global network of fitness, self-defence and martial arts facilities. If you live near Tadworth, Chipstead, Burgh Heath or Tattenham Corner, our local classes in Surrey will teach you all about our unique fighting system. The programme has been tested over 20 years, against the theory: ‘Does it work’? It really does!

Created by Andy Norman, Defence Lab and the DNA Fight Science programme throws out old ideals of traditional Japanese martial arts and Korean martial arts, where moves are set in stone and passed through the generations over a thousand years or more. Defence Lab makes a great alternative to Karate lessons, Taekwondo lessons and Kung Fu training because we know that it works in the here and now.

You will get the chance to train with Andy or the top Defence Lab team yourself. Our system is constantly changing, developing and evolving, just as we are every day. Importantly, the programme is also designed to teach students how to fight against multiple attackers because rarely are people attacked by one person. We deal with all facets of violence, from verbal abuse, through to physically defending yourself and fighting from the ground upwards. In real-life conditions, you are very rarely in a position you want to be in, so we face this challenge head on. We teach you how to move, transition and strike from every level.

Defence Lab is martial arts training for everyone of any age or fitness level. We have a special ‘DL Kids’ programme, where the DNA Fight Science programme has been specifically modified and adapted for our younger students. We hold weekly classes for kids from the age of four upwards, alongside  1-2-1 sessions and bespoke corporate packages. We also offer self defence classes Tadworth.

To book a free trial, please call the team now on 0800 246 1878.

The benefits of our mixed martial arts classes near Chipstead

Defence Lab is an innovative system, that is always changing. It is not a sport, designed for the ring but a martial arts system that deals with all areas of attack and defence. It is a progressive syllabus and we grade like other traditional martial arts, but that’s where the similarities end.

  • Build confidence and boost self esteem
  • Burn calories and aid weight loss
  • Improve mobility, flexibility and stamina
  • Boost fitness, strength and conditioning
  • Make new friends and foster team spirit
  • Have fun and de-stress

Our highly-skilled team of DBS/CRB-checked instructors will look after you.

Learn our unique mixed martial arts system that is changing the world of MMA in Tadworth
Learn our unique mixed martial arts system that is changing the world of MMA in Tadworth
Learn our unique mixed martial arts system that is changing the world of MMA in Tadworth
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Martial arts for kids near Burgh Heath

Our comprehensive and fun programme, designed specifically for kids, teaches them the skills and abilities to stay safe and beat the bullies. Students learn important life lessons about respecting others and treating people well. They will also grow in confidence as they progress by learning to defend themselves and others and stand up to bullies of all descriptions. We teach them everything they might need to tackle any type of challenging situation.

The DL Kids programme also feeds into fitness and improves speed, power, strength, mobility and flexibility. We also work on focus and concentration and this can also help in all areas of your child’s life.

Read our blog about what you may not know about bullying.

MMA for fitness in Tattenham Corner

Our classes have an in-built level of fitness and are a great all-body workout, working all major muscle groups. You can burn a large number of calories in one of our classes, all whilst learning important skills and having fun at the same time. Our classes are ideal for men, women and teenagers of all fitness levels.

Call us for combat training classes, martial arts classes for children and to learn our world-class fighting method in Tadworth!

We are always happy to offer a free trial session so please contact us now on 0800 246 1878, email us on info@defencelabtraining.co.uk or fill in an online contact form and we will give you a call back. We look forward to speaking to you soon!