Martial arts training and classes for kids and women in Colliers Wood

Defence Lab is an amazing new fighting system that is reality-based and tried and tested. Based near Colliers Wood and Tooting, we hold regular weekly classes for kids, teenagers and adults, teaching methods derived from over 20 years of scientific learning about the mental and physical characteristics of street attacks.

Defence Lab does not declare itself to be the ‘perfect’ system – our programme is constantly evolving and is more than a group of movements to learn and practise. It is not a sport, or designed to be practised in the ring; it is a system that inspires self analysis and is constantly changing.

Our martial arts classes for kids are hugely popular and there are many reasons why:

  • They will get moving and keep active. Physical exercise not only brings the benefits of improved strength and fitness but has proven mental health benefits and will help your child sleep better, be more productive at school and be happier.
  • They will gain confidence and self-respect. Your child’s confidence will be boosted with every new move they learn.
  • They’ll learn about conflict resolution. Self-defence is not just about your child being able to defend themselves physically against attack. Your child will learn about diffusing situations, how to deal with bullies, stranger danger and verbal aggression.
  • They will make new friends: Children at our classes enjoy bonding during their time in class and forming new and valuable relationships.
  • They will learn about self-discipline and respect: Many children are used to instant gratification but through our classes they will learn more to be more disciplined and respectful.
  • They will learn other important life skills: They will learn about honour, teamwork, humbleness and other moral and ethical values that will help them navigate the academic and social aspects of school. This will improve their behaviour at home and at school and have a great influence on them.

Your child is welcome to come along for a taster session. To see which classes might be suitable for you, please visit our Train Here page. Please call us on on 0800 246 5937 to hear more. We also run self defence classes near Colliers Wood.

Martial arts training and classes for kids and women in Colliers Wood
Martial arts training and classes for kids and women in Colliers Wood
Martial arts training and classes for kids and women in Colliers Wood
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Are you looking for martial arts for women in Colliers Wood or Tooting? Check out Defence Lab!

Our classes are very popular with women and there are a number of reasons why this is. Unlike Korean martial arts, Japanese martial arts or kickboxing self defence, our classes blend martial arts techniques with self defence that is relevant in today’s world. Defence Lab has evolved over time and is heavily tried and tested, so we know it works on the street here and now.

If you are a woman looking for a martial arts school, our classes boast these benefits:

  • Learning how to respond and defend yourself in a real-life street attack, with multiple attackers. We teach our students how to fight from the ground up.
  • Build strength, fitness and burn calories. If you are looking to lose weight and are fed up with going to the gym, our classes make a fun and effective workout.
  • Boost your self-confidence and self-esteem and meet a wonderful group of new people.
  • Reduce stress and improve your mood through our combat training.

Contact our martial arts school near Colliers Wood to hear more!

We can be reached on 0800 246 1878 or via email at Alternatively, you could fill in an online contact form and we will call you back.