Try out our martial arts classes near to you in Guildford, Surrey

Do you want to be fitter, stronger and more confident? Defence Lab is the fastest-growing self-defence and martial arts school in your local area. We teach students of all ages, genders and athletic abilities, including children. Unlike traditional martial arts, like Korean and Japanese martial arts, we do not teach hundreds of patterns and movements; our system is a truly special and unique self defence system, that focuses on simple – but highly effective – techniques that anyone can learn. From defending yourself from a lying or kneeling position, through to dealing with multiple attackers and knife threats, our system is designed to be used in the real world.

Defence Lab is the result of over 20 years of study of the mental, physical and spiritual features of attack and defence and is based on real-life dangerous situations. It is also not static and changes and evolves along with the world in which we live. We encourage our students to avoid confrontation and diffuse potentially difficult situations and if all else fails, to defend themselves by using their bodies as a weapon. Our training not only develops self-defence ability, along with confidence and self-esteem but also boosts fitness, strength and agility – all in a safe, fun and harmonious environment.

Our martial arts training:

  • Is suitable for women, children, teenagers and adults of all ages and fitness abilities
  • Is not an outdated martial arts programme – our students will get the opportunity to train with the founder of Defence, Andy Norman
  • Looks at areas of assault and attack in the real world, including verbal and physical aggression
  • Has been designed so every technique works on the street in the here and now
  • Improves fitness, body coordination, agility and strength
  • Boosts self-confidence and self esteem

Whether you are completely new to martial arts or want to try something different, you will be inspired in our safe and friendly classes. To find out more, please call us now on 0800 246 1878. We also teach effective self-defence classes in Guildford.

Try out our martial arts classes near to you in Guildford, Surrey
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Try out our martial arts classes near to you in Guildford, Surrey

Martial Arts Classes

Try out our martial arts classes near to you in Guildford, Surrey

Classes for children

Try out our martial arts classes near to you in Guildford, Surrey

Improve your fitness

Why book your child onto our martial arts classes in and around Guildford?

By starting young, children are equipped with invaluable skills and experiences, which will stay with them forever. From increased self-discipline and improved fitness and confidence, Defence Lab’s DL Kids programme will help them handle themselves at school and help them deal with bullies and other challenges.  We teach children from the age of four upwards in a range of different classes, for different ages and abilities.

Here are just some of the benefits:

  • Self-discipline: We teach important lessons about discipline, and children learn restraint and patience.
  • Getting active: Steer your kids away from the screens and sofas! Our classes use every major muscle group in the body, leading to improved fitness and strength.
  • Goal-setting: Whilst Defence Lab is not designed as a sport for in the ring, our students go through the graded belt system and will set goals.
  • Respect: Our martial arts classes teach respect and self-respect.
  • Self-confidence: DL Kids really improves self-confidence and gives kids a real sense of achievement.
  • Conflict resolution: Our classes teach children peaceful, non-violent conflict resolution skills and how to tackle bullies.
  • Friendships: Our students are supportive of one another and make great friends!

Bespoke events, martial arts seminars and private sessions designed for you in Guildford

We are always happy to organise private or small group martial arts classes with our expert instructors, so students get more individual attention and progress more quickly.

If you are looking for a corporate team-building event with a difference, give us a call! We can deliver a truly unique, action-packed event that will help your team work together, build confidence and improve communication skills. Our events will increase staff loyalty, staff productivity and staff retention.

For a free martial arts training class near Guildford or Godalming, please ring today!

To find out more about our classes and where and when they are held, please call us now on 0800 246 1878 or email the team at Alternatively, you can fill out an online form with some basic contact details and we will give you a call back to organise your free trial session.