Would you know how to defend yourself in a street altercation? Take our martial arts and kickboxing self defence classes near Richmond upon Thames

Learn one of the most effective and practical modern martial arts and self defence systems, designed for the real world today at our classes, based near Richmond upon Thames, Isleworth and further afield. We are here so you or your kids can rest easy, knowing you will be safe, secure and confident should you ever face a threatening situation on the street. Defence Lab has been designed to teach proven, tried and tested self-defence strategies that have been developed over 20 years of rigorous research and countless hours of testing.

Our martial arts and self-defence training near Richmond upon Thames will introduce new and exciting concepts, so you can learn more about yourself as you develop new skills and ways of thinking and examine the mental, physical and spiritual sides of human life. Our MMA and combat training system is not restricted in any way like some older martial arts; it is free-thinking, open-minded and constantly evolving, so it adjusts and evolves as we do. We are always questioning our boundaries and all our teaching methods are tested against the question: ‘Does it work?’. We truly believe that our martial arts system works on the streets today, where people find themselves set upon by multiple attackers.

Our weekly martial arts training includes martial arts for kids and martial arts for women. We also run private lessons for either 1-2-1 or in groups of two or more, team-building exercises and tailor-made corporate packages. To find out more, please get in touch on 0800 246 5937.

Why our combat training classes near Richmond Upon Thames will help your child!

There are so many benefits to sending your child to our martial arts classes, it is hard to know where to start! Perhaps your child has tried Karate, Kung Fu or Taekwondo lessons and is hasn’t suited them so they have dropped out or maybe they are looking for an alternative option? Our classes offer much more than traditional martial arts.

  • Keep them fit: Child obesity is a massive problem throughout the world and experts say this issue is only going to get worse. Our MMA classes provide a workout for the whole body and will improve fitness, strength and co-ordination.
  • Make new friends: All our students make friends with one another and have fun together at our mixed martial arts sessions, giving them a whole new friendship network away from school.
  • Build confidence: Children will grow in confidence as they train with us and will be able to tackle bullies.
  • Improve mental health: As well as the physical benefits our MMA classes will help to relieve stress, improve sleep and mood and help your child be more productive at school.
  • Keep them safe: Defence Lab will teach your child to become aware and overcome all types of dangers, including protecting themselves from strangers and bullies.
  • Learning key life skills: During our fun and friendly mixed martial arts classes, our students learn some vital life skills, such as self-control, discipline, honour and teamwork.

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Why our fitness classes near Richmond Upon Thames will help you!

Gyms can be very boring places to train and many people find they take out a gym membership and then waste it because they can’t face another hour of running on the treadmill!

Our fitness and martial arts training is an excellent form of all-body exercise and will boost stamina, strength and muscle endurance. It makes us move our bodies in ways which we are not used to and use muscles we don’t use very often. It is a great way of keeping ourselves or our kids in shape. It doesn’t matter what age, size or shape you are, we will ensure you work out at the right level for you. As the weeks go by, we will push you so you continue to build your fitness and reach your goals. Whether you want to be more flexible, lose weight or build strength, our classes will help!

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For martial arts for women, martial arts for kids and combat training near Richmond upon Thames, call us today!

For further information, please call us now on 0800 246 5937. Alternatively you could email us on info@defencelabtraining.co.uk or fill in an online contact form and we will give you a call back. We are always happy for prospective students to try a taster class for free!