Learn a new martial arts system in Sutton that is taking the world by storm!

Learn genuine and authentic self-defence skills at our fun, motivated and friendly martial arts training classes near Sutton and St Helier. Defence Lab is a global, cutting-edge phenomenon that is growing and concentrates on developing functional, practical and efficient resolutions to brutal street altercations, where there is likely to be more than one attacker.

Defence Lab’s DNA Fight Science is a free-thinking, reality-based combat system, that is constantly developing, changing and adapting over time. Our system is more than a Japanese martial arts or Korean martial arts system that has been passed down throughout generations of people. Our system provokes self-analysis and studies combat and encourages our students to examine every aspect of being human; our physical, mental, spiritual and emotional sides and all our strengths and weaknesses.

There are martial arts systems out there but we know that our system works in the here and now. It is provocative, inspirational and constantly evolving and will challenge and revolutionise the way you think about self defence and martial arts.

Are you interested to hear more? Call us now on 0800 246 1878 to book a free trial class.

What will my child learn at your martial arts classes for kids in Sutton?

Our ‘DL Kids’ programme is a specially-adapted version of Defence Lab and is a practical and fun programme for children, from the age of four. The programme develops the use of martial arts as a tool, specifically for self defence and will help them learn some important life skills.

Here are just just some of the the benefits of our martial arts training:

  • Confidence and personal growth: Our system will help your child to believe in themselves and feel confident in every area of their lives, so they can successfully deal with any challenge that is thrown at them along the way. DL Kids looks at all aspects of bullying, so if this is something you are worried about, please get in touch today.
  • Physical strength: In a world where our children are more sedentary than ever, DL Kids will improve strength, build fitness and body coordination and burn calories.
  • Mental strength: Being more physical is one of the best ways that child can improve their mental health. From having a positive impact on anxiety and stress, being more active will help to boost your child’s mood, improve their memory and learning and will help them to perform better at school.
  • Staying safe: Our system covers some key areas, so your child can avoid danger, including stranger danger, building awareness and how to avoid and react to dangerous situations.
  • Discipline: Your child will learn greater respect and to be disciplined at school, and home.
  • Friendships: All our students develop real friendships that go beyond our weekly lessons.
My son's been going to Defence Lab for a few months now & he absolutely loves it! His confidence has grown considerably and I feel he's now able to handle situations much better than previously. The guys running the training are absolutely fabulous, they're brilliant with the kids and know how to keep it exciting. Would definitely recommend. .
Learn a new martial arts system in Sutton that is taking the world by storm!
Learn a new martial arts system in Sutton that is taking the world by storm!
Learn a new martial arts system in Sutton that is taking the world by storm!

To learn a new martial arts self-defence system in Sutton and St Helier, please call us today!

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