Reality-based martial arts and fight-based training in West Wickham and Shirley

Our unique mixed martial arts programme near West Wickham and Shirley will help you or your child get fit and lose weight, be stronger and safer and feel more confident. Our distinctive system teaches our students how to defend themselves in the face of attack efficiently and against multiple attackers.

Created from over 20 years of the scientific study of the mental and physical sides of attack, it has been evolving since its inception and continues to evolve, so it stays relevant, practical and effective at all times.

We offer:

  • Weekly classes: Our regular weekly classes for children, teenagers and adults allows our students to learn Defence Lab techniques, be put under pressure and further develop and improve their skills. It is a system that provokes self analysis and every technique, principle and movement is tested against the question: ‘Does it work?’
  • Martial arts for women: In today’s world it is increasingly important that women learn realistic and functional self-defence. Our classes are ideal for women of all ages and we also run special seminars on women’s self defence and safety.
  • Private lessons: Catering for individuals or groups, our private lessons allow our instructors to work closely with you, so we can hone in on your goals and help you achieve them.
  • Tailor-made corporate packages and team-building exercises: Are you a Managing Director looking for inspiring and fun exercises for your team? Perhaps you are an event organiser looking for something different? Talk to us and we can suggest some options!
  • DL Kids: Our Defence Lab kids programme is specifically designed for children and is designed to teach children self defence and character building, without generating violence. The benefits include teaching them important ethical and moral life lessons about respect, teamwork and self control. Read our blog about a parent’s role in their child’s martial arts and self defence training.

Our local centres are managed and run by Tahir Ahmad and his team of Instructors, who are passionate about the benefits that Defence Lab Training can bring. They have a vast amount of experience teaching children and adults and will welcome you to the Defence Lab family. Call now on 0800 246 5937. We also offer self defence classes near West Wickham and Shirley.

Reality-based martial arts and fight-based training in West Wickham and Shirley
Reality-based martial arts and fight-based training in West Wickham and Shirley
Reality-based martial arts and fight-based training in West Wickham and Shirley
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Learn our realistic martial arts system in West Wickham and Shirley

We know there are many martial arts schools in the area, including Taekwondo lessons, kickboxing self defence lessons, Karate classes and Kung Fu training. So why choose Defence Lab for yourself or your child.

Learn a martial arts system that:

  • Will boost your fitness, strength and condition
  • Is heavily peer-reviewed and tried and tested
  • Is based in reality against the principle ‘Does it work?’
  • Deals with gang assault and multiple scenarios, including strikers, knife defence and MMA-skilled opponents
  • Will help develop confidence, self awareness and self esteem
  • Will aid focus at school or work
  • Is fun, friendly and inclusive

To book our martial arts courses in West Wickham or Shirley, call now!

Get in touch on 0800 246 5937. Alternatively, you can email or fill in an online contact form and we will happily offer you a free taster class.