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Are you thinking about signing your child up to combat training or martial arts for kids classes in Twickenham and Whitton? Perhaps you are looking for a new hobby that will help you stay fit at the same time? Or maybe you are thinking about alternative fitness classes?

Defence Lab is a martial arts and self defence system that is taking the world by storm! It is the scientific study of the mental and physical aspects of self-defence and reality-based combat. It is free-thinking and constantly evolving and has been developed over two decades of research, pressure testing and investigation.

We cater for martial arts for kids and martial arts for women and run a number of classes for all ages and abilities from our bases in Worcester Park, Croydon, Teddington, Surbiton and Morden. This is not an ego-driven sport, like some older martial arts systems, so if you were considering Kung Fu lessons, Karate lessons or Taekwondo lessons, Defence Lab could be the ideal alternative for you.

We live in a world that changes and evolves with every passing day. We teach a system that is adapting constantly, so our students can cope with the changes they see around them, so they can protect themselves and those they care about. At the core of what we do is the cultivating of our instinct and our training will help you understand the realities of self-defence and what may happen in an altercation on the street.

Our martial arts and kickboxing self defence training boasts the following benefits:

  • Defence Lab is a community so you or your children will make new friends
  • Our martial arts training boost confidence, awareness and self esteem
  • Our mixed martial arts is also a great way to learn respect and other important life lessons like teamwork, honour and discipline.
  • Our combat training informs our student about how to protect and defend themselves against attacks with multiple attackers
  • It also looks at how to encourage students to stay calm and look for non-verbal solutions to aggression
  • All students get the opportunity to train with the founder of Defence Lab, Andy Norman and the DL Top Team
  • Defence Lab will boost fitness, strength and coordination
  • All our instructors are fully trained and qualified and CRB/DRB checked

If you would like to know more about our MMA classes near Twickenham and self defence classes near Twickenham, please get in touch today by calling 0800 246 5937.

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Our local MMA lessons near Twickenham are invaluable!

Our Defence Lab classes are taught by teachers who are passionate about the benefits of our martial arts system and why it works. In today’s world, people are rarely attacked by a single person, so we teach the art of defending yourself against multiple attackers from all types of positions, from the ground upwards.  Our system is modelled on three steps:

  • 1 – Learn it: Our students are first taught how a technique works.
  • 2 – Fatigue it: This is where our students drill and train the moves to grow muscle memory.
  • 3 – Stress it out: We teach out students how to perform under stress, through sparring, scenario combat and stress drills.

Martial arts fitness classes for kids in Twickenham

We all want the best for our kids and many of us are looking for ways we can ensure they stay fit, healthy and happy. Are you thinking about Japanese martial arts or Korean martial arts for your child? Why not consider Defence Lab instead? We all know the benefits of exercise for kids, from ensuring they stay healthy, to relieving stress, improving memory and helping their performance in and out of school.

Our classes for children are based on the principles of Defence Lab and have an in-built element of fitness, so they will provide an all-body workout, boosting strength, fitness, agility, flexibility and self-confidence, whilst they learn about defending themselves against all types of dangers. All our instructors are DBS-checked and first aid-trained. Our classes are great for social skills, like teamwork and sharing.

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Are you looking for martial arts clubs or alternative fitness in Twickenham? Call us today for more info!

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