Revolutionary new martial arts programme for adults, women and children near to you in Woking

Are you considering enrolling your child onto a martial arts course so they can get fit, whilst also having fun? Perhaps you want to learn a new skill and are thinking about a different form of exercise, rather than the gym? Or maybe you are wondering about the benefits that martial arts classes could bring? Defence Lab is a new and unique martial arts system and we run a series of classes for people of all ages, based in and around Woking, Pyrford and the surrounding regions.

Our martial arts system is unlike any martial arts programme you will ever have heard of. Rather than an ancient series of moves, seen in typical Japanese and Korean martial arts, which have been passed down through generations, with one opponent and a winner, our system is created for the world we live in today.

We have studied all areas of attack and defence over 20 years and the martial arts and self defence system that has resulted from this study, known as DNA Fight Science, is designed for self defence on the streets in today’s world. Constantly changing and evolving to meet the dangers that often present themselves, our system is designed to be used against multiple attackers, knife attacks and more. Our system is based on cultivating our instinct and using our bodies as weapons.

We don’t claim that Defence Lab is ‘perfect’; everyone who uses it – even the founder Andy Norman – considers himself to be learning all the time. If you train with us, you will get the opportunity to learn with Andy and Defence Lab’s lead instructors. We run weekly adult and children’s classes.

Revolutionary new martial arts programme for adults, women and children near to you in Woking
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Revolutionary new martial arts programme for adults, women and children near to you in Woking

Martial Arts Classes

Revolutionary new martial arts programme for adults, women and children near to you in Woking

Classes for children

Revolutionary new martial arts programme for adults, women and children near to you in Woking

Improve your fitness

The children’s classes are based around Defence Lab, specifically adapted for younger students and is called DL Kids. Alongside self defence and martial arts, DL Kids teaches important morals, including teamwork, respect, honesty, loyalty and integrity and teaches some of the curriculum for Learning for Life. It focuses on non-violent resolutions to violence and teaches children about the mentality of bullies, so they are well equipped to handle difficult behaviour in school. Importantly, our classes are inclusive, fun and energetic. Children will burn energy, improve speed, agility and coordination and will make new friends for life.

Alongside our regular martial art classes, we run bespoke personal safety courses for schools, colleges and businesses. These are all tailored to our clients’ individual requirements and can include special seminars, such as for women only. To find out more or to book onto a free taster class near you, please ring now on 0800 246 5937. We also offer self defence classes near Woking.

Book onto our martial arts classes in Woking and Pyrford – and you will reap the benefits!

Here at Defence Lab we know and understand that there are many martial arts classes near you – from Karate and Taekwondo, to Jeet Kun Do and kickboxing, there is plenty of choice.

Here are just some of the reasons to choose our MMA Classes:

  • Defence Lab will boost confidence and nurture self-awareness and self esteem
  • Through practising our martial arts system, you will develop mobility, agility and flexibility
  • Defence Lab is tried and tested over 20 years of scientific study and based in reality
  • It will improve your agility, strength, fitness and condition
  • It deals with gang assault and can be adapted to multiple scenarios, including against strikers, knife defence and MMA-skilled opponents
  • Our classes can help you de-stress, so you can focus more in the day and sleep better at night
  • Through practising Defence Lab, you will get a great work-out, which can aid weight loss and burn calories
  • Our classes are always fun and inclusive

Bespoke local team-building martial arts events for corporate businesses in Woking

If you are organising a business away-day or team-building event, we can run a bespoke programme for you, tailored to your requirements. We consistently get great feedback from our events and are always open to discussing your ideas. Increase staff motivation, staff retention and staff loyalty with our fantastic staff martial arts training.

To book our martial arts classes near you in Woking, contact the team today!

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