Personal safety and self defences classes for all ages in Carshalton

Are you looking for a unique way to get fit, build strength and burn calories near Carshalton or Wallington? Perhaps you are a parent who wants your child to stand up to bullies and build confidence? Or maybe you are looking to organise an innovative team-building event? Then you have come to the right place! Here at Defence Lab, we offer regular weekly classes for all ages and abilities, alongside private lessons, corporate events, team-building exercises and seminars on women’s personal safety and self defence. With classes in Worcester Park and Morden, our self-defence courses are fun, exciting and will change your life!

Defence Lab is an ‘evolution’ within the arena of self defence and martial arts. Unlike other ancient martial arts systems, it is designed to work in real-life situations and equips our students to handle attacks from multiple opponents in the street. It is not a sport or designed for the ring, where there are winners and losers. Defence Lab is constantly evolving and changing and is truly battle-tested and peer-reviewed, so we know it is effective. Alongside teaching our students to deal with the physical side of attacks, we also look at the mental aspects of attack, from bullying at school, through to verbal aggression on the street and how to diffuse situations quickly and effectively.

We run a Defence Lab training course for children, as young as four, called DL Kids. This uses the same techniques we teach adults adapted for youngsters. This programme is hugely sought after because it not only teaches children vital life skills, such as discipline, teamwork and focus, alongside self defence. It is great exercise and can helps children grow in confidence and self belief, which will help them in every aspect of their lives.

To join one of our classes for a taster session, please ring 0800 246 5937 or email

Personal safety and self defences classes for all ages in Carshalton
Personal safety and self defences classes for all ages in Carshalton
Personal safety and self defences classes for all ages in Carshalton
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Bespoke team-building self defence events, private self defence training and more in and around Carshalton, Surrey

If you are a business, individual or organisation looking for self defence events, seminars or private lessons in and around Carshalton, Defence Lab can help. As well as a series of weekly lessons for children and adults, we offer bespoke corporate packages for businesses and schools, private self defence lessons and women-only seminars.

These various courses, taken by our experienced and DBS-checked instructors, are designed for the clients in question, targeting individual lines of business, self defence for young people and students or self defence for women and girls.

  • Self defence seminars for women: These sessions focus on awareness, how to prevent attacks from happening and defence against attackers in a variety of real-life situations, including group attack. These sessions can increase confidence and situational awareness.
  • Private self-defence classes: Our private sessions can give your Defence Lab training a real boost, so you progress quicker, learn more and master techniques not found in the weekly syllabus. We are proud to say people travel far and wide to attend these sessions, which are available on a 1-2-1 basis, or in a small group – we have even taught whole families together!
  • Self defence courses for schools: We can run courses in local schools and colleges, teaching pupils about all aspects of attack and defence and how they can protect themselves and their friends in the event of a violent attack. Tailored to specific age groups, these courses boost self esteem, fitness and focus.
  • Team-building activities and events: For corporate organisations and businesses looking for different ways to improve morale, staff retention and productivity, our bespoke events can be fun, exciting and valuable.

Ring our team to find out more about these special services on 0800 246 1878.

Reviews about our self defence for kids and women near Carshalton

Defence Lab is a fab alternative to: Krav Maga, Wing Chun, Kickboxing, Taekwondo, Karate, Jeet Kun Do, Hand to hand combat, Kung Fu or Muay Thai and many other martial arts systems.

Defence Lab Training has become a global network of self defence and fitness, studying the mental and physical aspects of self defence. It is an open-minded and constantly evolving system. Here are some of the reviews from people who have attended our courses:

My 3 children go to Defence Lab and they just can’t get enough. They are always excited to go and looking forward to the next class. The instructors are just amazing and what they teach is an incredible self defence system that goes into all aspects of personal safety and self defence. Although Defence Lab is a new system compared to other styles, it is incredibly realistic in its approach. To know that the children are learning something this is designed for real life as opposed to competition is very reassuring as a parent. Despite being new, I love the fact the classes hold onto the traditional values of respect, honour, humbles and integrity. The life skills that they teach are a great bonus and I am not the only parent who has seen positive changes in the children. I would recommend Defence Lab top anyone. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.

I started my martial arts lessons as a teenager with Karate, then moved onto Kung Fu, then Thai Boxing and finally MMA. However, learning Defence Lab has been a complete shift in style and perspective regarding self defence. Out of all the martial arts I had done in the past, this is by far the most realistic and catered for street self defence. The concept of multiple opponents and in particular, the use of elbows as attack/defence at the same time in invaluable. For anyone wanting to learn how to defend themselves in real life situations, this is the class to join.

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