Revolutionary self defence classes and training near you in Bookham, Surrey

If you are looking for self defence classes for yourself or your children in Bookham or Fetcham or one of the wider areas of Surrey, then look no further than Defence Lab. Learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones with our incredible reality-based self defence system.

Through learning our system, you will understand yourself better, understand your surroundings better and feel confident that whatever difficult situation you may face, you will be able to defend yourself and your loved ones.

Defence Lab does not rely on outdated techniques; it takes your body’s natural instinct for survival and turns it into a powerful machine. Defence Lab is not an aggressive sport, invented for in the ring against one opponent, like some martial arts and self defence systems. It is a no-nonsense, practical and functional system designed for the streets we live on today, against multiple opponents, because people are rarely attacked by just one person.

Students are taught to defend themselves against knife attacks, MMA-skilled opponents and in all positions, including from the ground. Our system has been heavily battle tested over 20 years and we constantly train with the question, ‘Does it work?’ in our minds. The system itself is designed to be constantly evolving and changing with the times to meet the challenges of our society.

Our system is going global and founder Andy Norman is even a fight specialist in Hollywood; he has trained on films such as the Batman films with Christian Bale and Liam Neeson and Jack Reacher with Tom Cruise, to name just a few.

To book your or your child’s place on one of our regular classes or to find out more about our events and bespoke packages, please get in touch on 0800 246 1878. We also offer martial arts in Bookham.

Cannot speak highly enough of Tahir (lead instructor) and his methods of training. My 11 year old daughter started here in December and her enthusiasm show’s no bounds! The whole training ethos has had such a positive impact on her. Training can be hard but is always fun and teaches everyone respect and the value of looking out for not just yourself but friends as well. I can highly recommend this class to anyone interested in getting fitter, having fun and learning skills to take forward in life. Come along, give it a try, you will not be disappointed!!! .

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Self defence classes for kids and adults in and around Fetcham (KT22)

As well as classes for adults of all ages (our eldest student is over 60), we also run a specialised programme for kids, DL Kids. Like traditional martial arts our classes instil important values like discipline, focus and respect. It also builds their confidence and helps them understand more about why people behave in certain ways. However, it also teaches them to defend themselves and others, primarily through play, so learning is always fun.

We also study Learning for Life, an educational system designed to help children tackle the issues of modern society.

Alongside this, we run special courses and classes in schools, seminars such as women’s-only seminars and organise self defence staff team building and self defence training days for corporate businesses.

Bookham private and small group self defence classes

We can run special self defence sessions designed for women. Our techniques really do work and help students defend themselves in the face of different types of attack. The classes are just as rewarding and challenging as mixed-sex sessions but we focus on the threats and situations that women may face.

Our classes are fun and inclusive and stimulate the stress of real-life attacks in a safe and controlled environment. Our classes are also an excellent way of exercising, building strength and agility and burning calories to aid weight loss, whilst learning something that could potentially save your life.

  • Improved self confidence
  • Increased fitness, stamina and flexibility
  • Ways to avoid attack
  • Importance of body language

We can also arrange private self defence classes or classes for small numbers, where we can create a programme designed for your individual needs. During these sessions you will have our instructor’s undivided attention, so it is likely that you will progress more quickly and we can focus on whichever areas you wish to explore.

Self defence training and self defence teambuilding for local businesses in Bookham

Do you want to motivate your team? We offer bespoke business and corporate self defence training specific to your needs or industry, which will help your staff or team work effectively together and will build confidence and morale, whilst also learning something important.

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