Self defence training for children and adults in Morden

Are you a parent looking for self defence classes so your child can grow in confidence? Perhaps you are a single woman who wants to learn how to protect yourself if you were ever attacked on the street? Or maybe you are looking for a completely unique martial arts programme that is fun to learn? Then you have come to the right place! Defence Lab Training caters for everyone interested in self defence in Morden, Rose Hill and the surrounding areas. Catering for everyone from four-year-olds, through to adults, we teach safe, powerful and effective self-defence, that is designed to work in real-life scenarios with multiple attackers. We also run corporate bespoke events for team-building purposes.

Our unique programme is not a sport or designed for competition but it is based on defending yourself when it truly matters. When people are attacked in the street, it is rarely by a single person, so our system is designed to fight against multiple opponents. It is free-thinking and always improving and evolving, so unlike other ancient martial arts, it remains current with the times.

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My first session for my son in the adults group and he loved it and I loved it too hopefully he doesn't use that on me.
Self defence training for children and adults in Morden
Self defence training for children and adults in Morden
Self defence training for children and adults in Morden

1-2-1 private self defence lessons and self defence for schools, colleges and businesses in Morden

If you want to get ahead with your self defence training, you are a beginner who wants to learn quickly, or you are unable to make our weekly classes but still want to learn about Defence Lab, our small group and private self defence lessons are the answer. Our self defence classes can help you get to the next level, so you can achieve your goals.

  • Accelerate your learning with individual attention from the instructor
  • A personalised training plan to suit your learning style, or focus on one specific area
  • Catch up on missed classes or learn new techniques not taught in weekly classes
  • Train at a time and place that is convenient for you
  • Reach your goals – fast!
  • Train at your own pace
  • Build strength and power and develop endurance
  • Stay motivated, gain confidence and have fun

We can also teach personalised sessions for women or girls. Learning our self defence system ensures that women stay safe and builds confidence. Whilst men are always hailed as the ‘stronger sex’, our training shows them how to handle opponents of all sizes and fighting from all positions. It will equip women with the skills to deal with aggressive behaviour and to assert and stand up from themselves. It also builds fitness, strength and agility.

If you are a school, looking to partner with a self defence company, please get in touch. We have worked with numerous schools throughout the local area, including King’s College in Wimbledon, Grey Court School and Nonsuch High Schools for Girls, offering courses to students of different ages. Fun, practical and inclusive, we always receive fabulous feedback and recommendations.

For details or questions about our personalised services, please call now on 0800 246 1878.

Martial arts for kids in Morden

Defence Lab Training has developed a special programme for children, called DL Kids. DL Kids will help your child improve their fitness, confidence, discipline and teamwork skills. It teaches effective self-defence but will also help your child gain other important life skills. Here are just some of the benefits:

  • It will help your child learn to focus and concentrate, by using the three rules of concentration – focus your eyes, focus your mind and focus your body. This has added benefits for concentrating at school.
  • Our classes will help your child improve their strength and fitness because Defence Lab works almost every muscle group in the body.
  • By learning with us, your child will see improvement in their speed, power, timing and flexibility, which are easily transferrable to other sports.
  • Respect is one of the important areas we concentrate on – by only giving respect does one earn respect.
  • Some children struggle with co-ordination and our martial arts programme will help with this.
  • Our students are taught self discipline, so they act in a positive way without being reminded.
  • Self control is another area of focus and our students learn about controlling not only their bodies but their minds.
  • Self defence helps children grow in confidence and as they progress through belt ranks, their belief in themselves and their ability grows.
  • Our self defence classes help children recognise potential danger before it takes place.

Our martial arts programme is a great alternative to:

  • Krav Maga
  • Karate
  • Taekwondo
  • Jeet Kun Do
  • Mixed martial arts or MMA
  • Kick-boxing
  • Boxing
  • Aikido
  • Silat
  • Combat martial arts
  • Close quarter combat
  • Hand to hand combat
  • Thai boxing or Muay Thai
  • Kung Fu
  • Wing Chun

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