Martial arts training – classes for men, women and children in Mitcham, CR4

Are you thinking about booking a martial arts class for your kids in Mitcham or Beddington? Maybe you have tried Taekwondo, Karate, Kung Fu or another martial arts system but are looking for something that is more relevant to your personal safety in today’s world? Perhaps you are a woman looking to get fit, burn calories and learn to defend yourself? Then Defence Lab is the right place for you!

Defence Lab training is a practical, free-thinking and functional innovative martial arts programme for kids, women and adults of all ages and abilities. We run regular weekly classes for children as young as four, through to classes for teenagers and adults at our Worcester Park and Morden training centres, within easy travelling distance of Mitcham. The system was devised by Andy Norman and has taken 20 years to develop, through rigorous battle testing and peer review. Many Korean martial arts and Japanese martial arts have been learnt through hundreds of years of hearsay. Defence Lab is different; it is a programme of self defence and martial arts for the here and now and it is constantly changing and evolving with time.

Defence Lab is the newest phenomenon in martial arts training and many classes are popping up throughout the world. When you learn with us, you will get the chance to train with Andy Norman himself, as well as the DL top team.

  • Defence Lab is not created to be practised as sport in a ring, where there are winners or competitions. It is 100 per cent reality based so you can effectively protect yourself in a real-life scenario.
  • People are rarely attacked on the street by one person; Defence Lab will teach you to handle multiple opponents and fight from the ground and other levels in between.
  • We teach our students to deal with all aspects of encountering violence and as well as physical aggression, we talk and learn about the mental and spiritual aspects of attack.
  • Defence Lab is a scientific study – hence the word ‘Lab’ and every part of our programme works.

Alongside weekly classes, we run packages for corporate clients, seminars for women private lessons for either 1-2-1 or in groups. We also run self defence classes in Mitcham.

Find out more by picking up the phone and calling us on 0800 246 5937.

Martial arts training - classes for men, women and children in Mitcham, CR4
Martial arts training - classes for men, women and children in Mitcham, CR4
Martial arts training - classes for men, women and children in Mitcham, CR4
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Defend yourself using our mixed martial arts programme and combat training in Mitcham and Tooting

Defence Lab is different to other martial arts and looks at every aspect of the physical, mental and spiritual sides of being human. Our classes deal with all aspects of verbal aggression, bullying, gang attack, strikers, MMA-skilled opponents, knife defence and more besides.

We teach three simple steps to defend ourselves in the face of adversity:

  • Learn it: First we understand and master how the different techniques and moves work.
  • Fatigue it: We repeat the actions time and time again, so our muscles ‘memorise them’.
  • Stress it out: We practise the programme under stress with drills, sparring and combat scenarios.

For all mixed martial arts, including martial arts for ladies and martial arts for kids in Mitcham, get in contact day!

To book a taster session or to for any question, please call 0800 246 1878, email us on or fill in an online contact form and we will get back to you.