Cutting-edge martial arts classes for adults and children near to you in Ripley, Ockham and Send

Are you looking for a popular new martial arts programme in your local area? Perhaps you are looking for a different way to get fit and burn calories? Or perhaps you want  your child to learn the skills they need to boost their self-esteem? With classes near to Ripley, Ockham and Send, Defence Lab is a revolutionary new martial arts programme , which teaches effective self defence techniques and martial arts that are designed to be used on the streets we live in today. It is not a sport, or designed to be used against one opponent, it is a system that can be used against multiple attackers, knife threats, MMA-skilled opponents and in many other real-life situations.

The system was devised by Andy Norman and has been subjected to over 20 years of scientific study into the different elements of attack – mental, physical and spiritual. This is a system that is constantly changing and evolving and unlike other traditional Japanese and Korean martial arts – there is no such thing as ‘perfection’. At the heart of the DNA Fight Science programme is the cultivation of human instinct and how we can harness this to defend ourselves effectively when we need to.

Our MMA system:

  • Will help you de-stress and sleep better
  • Is used in Hollywood, where Andy Norman taught Christian Bale and Liam Neeson for Batman Begins
  • Will improve your strength, fitness and condition
  • Genuinely deals with gang assault and looks at multiple scenarios, including strikers, knife defence and MMA-skilled opponents
  • Will help build confidence, self awareness and self esteem

Our highly experienced and trained instructors are passionate about Defence Lab and the benefits our programme offers. Alongside weekly classes, for teenagers and adults, we also hold a series of classes called DL Kids, based around the Defence Lab system moderated for children. As well as this we hold personal safety and self defence seminars, team-building exercises and tailor-made packages for corporate and education clients. We even offer fun and action-packed children’s birthday parties. Throughout all our classes and events, participants will learn something life-changing, whilst also having fun.

Book a class for you or your child today by calling 0800 246 5937. We also offer self defence classes near Ripley, Ockham and Send.

Cutting-edge martial arts classes for adults and children near to you in Ripley, Ockham and Send
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Cutting-edge martial arts classes for adults and children near to you in Ripley, Ockham and Send

Martial Arts Classes

Cutting-edge martial arts classes for adults and children near to you in Ripley, Ockham and Send

Classes for children

Cutting-edge martial arts classes for adults and children near to you in Ripley, Ockham and Send

Improve your fitness

Why choose our martial arts classes for your child near Ripley, Ockham or Send?

Are you looking for a way for your child to improve their fitness and be more active? Or would you like them to be more confident and self-aware? Whatever you wish your child to achieve in both the short term and the long-term, our MMA classes equip them with vital skills, which they can take with them and use throughout every area of their lives. If doesn’t matter if they have done a similar activity in the past or not – our classes will make them feel comfortable and they will quickly make new friends.

With violence on the rise on the streets and bullying a common issue within schools, it is important that our young people have the techniques and skills to cope with unexpected confrontations. Our classes focus on defusing threats and if that doesn’t work, how to effectively fight back, giving you valuable peace of mind.

Our martial arts classes teach valuable self defence techniques but also focus on moral and ethical lessons, like discipline, teamwork, respect and focus. The environment our children learn in is fun and inclusive but also serious.

There are physical and mental benefits for children learning DL Kids. These include:

  • Increased confidence, self-esteem and self-control
  • Improved mental focus and concentration
  • Expanded friendship circle outside of school
  • Improved strength, coordination, balance and agility
  • Boosting fitness and burning energy
  • Learning valuable life skills, including respect for self and others
  • Increased safety awareness and awareness of stranger danger

Martial arts team-building and bespoke events local to Send, Ripley and Ockham

Are you looking for a unique team-building event for your company? We can tailor-make a programme for you and your colleagues.

  • Builds relationships and promotes communication
  • Helps keep people fit and healthy
  • Fun, inclusive and stress-busting
  • Helps to develop problem-solving skills
  • Promotes self-improvement
  • Increase staff motivation, staff loyalty and staff retention for your business

To enrol onto our local martial arts classes near Ripley, Send or Ockham, please call now!

For further info, please call 0800 246 5937, email or fill in an online contact form.