Martial arts classes in Strawberry Hill

There are a huge number of martial arts classes in your local area, from Kung Fu and Karate to Taekwondo lessons. However, there is only one system that we believe truly works in the real world today; this combat system is called Defence Lab. Defence Lab is a global network of martial arts and self-defence facilities and we run combat training classes for women, children and adults of all ages near Strawberry Hill and Fulwell.

Defence Lab is a ‘Place of Investigation’ and the study of the mental and physical aspects of reality-based combat. Our mixed martial arts system is constantly evolving and changing with its surroundings and the boring elements of martial arts have been stripped back to provide a functional system that is one of the foremost effective self-defence tools in the world we live in right now. Even police officers around the world train in Defence Lab because it is so effective! Defence Lab has also been used in Hollywood films and Defence Lab founder Andy Norman is a fight consultant to many of the biggest names in the industry.

Our combat training system, which was launched by Andy in 2012, concentrates on developing practical and functional resolutions to violent street altercations. We study all aspects of violence and teach our students to escape it, prevent it and if all else fails, to use it to fight back. We also teach our students how to defend themselves against multiple attackers because rarely are people attacked by single opponents. Survival is our strongest primal instinct and we explore all areas of our being.

Our MMA classes look at:

  • Diffusing potentially violent situations
  • Stages of incident
  • Use of weapons
  • Mass attack scenarios
  • Real world solutions to real world situations

We offer group MMA classes, martial arts for kids, private sessions and corporate group training. If you are interested to hear more or try a self defence class in Strawberry Hill for yourself, please call us today on 0800 246 5937.

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Martial arts for women in Strawberry Hill

It is a depressing fact that many women feel nervous when they are on their own and walking at night outdoors. Of course, many women cannot match men when it comes to strength and size, especially if there is more than one.

Domestic violence is also an issue in many homes today. This fear is not unfounded; statistics show that 50 per cent of women will be subject to an attack of sexual assault in their lifetime. Our martial arts classes are ideal for women from all walks of life who are looking to build their confidence and self-esteem and importantly, learn how to defend themselves effectively in the face of any provocation. With bespoke training and understanding, we can help you become better equipped to deal with all aspects of violence.

You will also:

  • Get fitter and build strength
  • Lose weight and burn calories
  • Have great fun and make new friends
  • Learn a new martial arts system that is going global
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Boost your physical fitness with our martial arts fitness classes and martial arts fitness classes for kids in Strawberry Hill

Whether you are looking for a class to get your child moving and using all their muscles or you are looking for a different way to get fit, Defence Lab is the answer. Our martial arts lessons provide functional fitness, are great for fat loss, strength training, agility, mobility, flexibility, spatial awareness and control.

Research has found that regular exercise is one of the best ways to improve your mood. Our martial arts classes are also a great way to relieve stress and boost mental health, for better sleep and productivity away from the classes because the endorphins released by your body during exercise will be active for hours afterwards.

DL Kids, our specially-adapted version of Defence Lab, also offers a huge amount of personal benefits for kids including helping them grow in confidence and self -awareness. They will become wiser to the potential dangers and be able to tackle bullying behaviour effectively. Your child will learn to concentrate, listen and be respectful.

Keen to learn martial arts or kickboxing self defence? Try one of our MMA classes near Strawberry Hill today!

Would you like to have a go at Defence Lab and see what our classes are like? Come along for a free taster session! Please call us on 0800 246 5937, email us on or fill in an online contact form.