Learn how to defend yourself when it matters with our martial arts training in Epsom and Ewell

Defence Lab Training is a new type of martial arts and self defence training system for people of all ages and fitness abilities in Epsom and Ewell. We invite everyone to understand the importance of defending yourself effectively in real-life scenarios with mass attack, fighting from the ground and verbal aggression. Our free-thinking, non sports-based system allows you to become mentally, physically and spiritually prepared for dealing with the unknown. As the word ‘Lab’ suggests, our system is a scientific study of all aspects of the physical and mental sides of reality-based combat.

We know there are many self defence and martial arts systems in Surrey, so how does Defence Lab differ to other martial arts?

  • Our system is not limited or restricted in any way; it is free-thinking, open-minded and constantly evolving, so it adjusts with its surroundings. We believe that anyone who claims that one single fighting system is perfect is deluded; life is always evolving and changing.
  • Every part of our teaching is tested against the question: ‘Does it work?’, so we know that it works in the here and now, on the street, against multiple attackers.
  • Defence Lab allows us to understand ourselves and our opponents better through studying the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual facets of our being.
  • Our system encourages our students to question, explore and adapt moves; our instructors know that there are plenty of opportunities and it is impossible for them to know every single one of them.

We run regular weekly classes, private lessons for either 1-2-1 or in groups of two or more, team-building exercises and tailor-made packages for corporate clients. To speak to one of our instructors about our self defence classes in Epsom, please call us now on 0800 246 1878.

Help your child build confidence with our martial arts training for kids in Epsom

What are the benefits of sending your child to learn Defence Lab at our training school? It’s very easy to treat these classes as another after-school activity but there is more to our martial arts classes than might meet the eye.

I have been training with Tahir and the rest of the gang at Defence Lab in Worcester Park since the beginning of the year and have enjoyed every training session. As soon as the session is finished I’m looking forward to the next training night. It really is that easy to get hooked. They’re a great bunch of students with a mixture of both male and female who all get on really well, even when sparring and getting hit round the head with a sparring pad, the Instructors are very professional and the training is serious but it’s also made fun and enjoyable. Since I started Defence Lab I have lost nearly a stone in weight but the best thing is how much I’ve grown in confidence, although I was never shy to begin with, give it a try and you’ll see what I mean. .
defence lab from any norman - Learn how to defend yourself when it matters with our martial arts training in Epsom and Ewell
defence lab training for kids - Learn how to defend yourself when it matters with our martial arts training in Epsom and Ewell
self defence training from defence lab - Learn how to defend yourself when it matters with our martial arts training in Epsom and Ewell

Here are just a few reasons our training could benefit your child:

  • Improve fitness: Children are becoming increasingly overweight and often go from sitting at school to sitting at home. Defence Lab allows a child to become physically creative with their body and they will improve strength, fitness and co-ordination.
  • Improve mental health: Regular exercise can have a profound impact on mental health and will relieve stress, improve memory and sleep and boost mood.
  • Overcome adversity: Defence Lab will teach them to overcome adversity and setbacks in a positive way.
  • Keep them safe: Defence Lab will teach your child about recognising and overcoming all sorts of dangers and will help them deal with bullying.
  • Boost key life skills: They will learn a number of very important life skills including self control, discipline, honour, teamwork, respect and moral and ethical values.

For martial arts for women and martial art training for kids, contact self defence trainers in Epsom and Ewell now!

For more details, please call us now on 0800 246 1878. Alternatively you could email us on info@defencelabtraining.co.uk or fill in an online contact form.

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