The MOST EXPENSIVE private lesson of my life and it was WORTH every penny!

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Training with Andy Norman - Founder of the Defencelab Training technique

Training with Andy Norman – Founder of Defence Lab

I’ve had the privilege of training with Defence Lab Founder, Andy Norman, for 2 years now as a Defence Lab Instructor and it’s always been mind blowing for me every time. But this time, I wanted to take my training to a WHOLE NEW level and since I was visiting Defence Lab HQ in Spain, I asked Andy for a private 1-2-1 lesson just to see what the difference would be.

Now let’s just put this all into perspective first. I’ve always found Andy to be genuinely humble and with no ego but let’s not forget who he truly is? And that is an absolute genius when it comes to real life street defence, and let’s not forget that he’s also a Hollywood Fight Consultant and has even trained the likes of Liam Neeson, Christian Bale and Tom Cruise. So when I was told that the usual price for a private lesson with Andy is £500 per hour (and sometimes even much more depending on the situation), I thought to myself it’s a bargain.

Now let’s not fool ourselves here either. £500 at the end of the day is still £500! And I also know the power of Defence Lab in how it can very easily impress people even with its very basic techniques because it’s just that good, and I see this all the time myself in my own classes, private lessons and seminars. But to make this even more demanding in terms of expectations, I am not a new student for Andy but one of his existing instructors having already trained with him in groups on many many occasions.

So was there really anything extraordinary he could show me which I would not already get from my usual on-going training with him? This was the real question for me which would justify this extra cost.

One-on-one self defence training with Andy Norman

One-on-one self defence training with Andy Norman

I didn’t mention any of this to Andy as I just wanted to see how the private lesson would go. So we had it last night and I can wholeheartedly say that I felt like I was in a WHOLE NEW WORLD of self defence and martial arts!

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any deeper, any cooler, more frightening and more bad ass, Andy took me on a journey to a much higher level than I could have anticipated before.

I then began to ‘truly’ appreciate this man and his life long journey in the world of reality based Street defence. I constantly found myself with a huge smile on my face, I was constantly getting goose bumps as he demonstrated and explained things and I often found myself just thinking that this man has SO much knowledge and experience that it’s scary! And…..here I am, one of the few people to gain such knowledge!

To Andy and also to Grek who graciously offered to be my sparring partner during the lesson, thank you so much for an INCREDIBLE experience, one which I will not only ever forget but one which I will certainly want to repeat again and again in the future!

To me, this was money beyond well spent. To walk away from this private lesson having taken away a little piece of Andy’s life is truly PRICELESS and a fantastic investment into myself as a Self-Defence and Martial Arts Instructor. Gaining such knowledge will only help my own students in future and as Andy says, this training really does get you thinking again!

I just had to write about and share this experience with you all. Yes….I am still obviously buzzing from it!

P.s. by the way, so you know, that’s a metal toothpick through the hand in the first pic (at the top)…..yup, training to use a simple metal toothpick also!

Relaxing after the one-on-one self defence training

Relaxing after the one-on-one self defence training

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