Beat the bullies with our self defence classes for kids near Kingston and Norbiton

Are you looking for self defence classes to help your child feel more confident in the playground? Perhaps your son or daughter lacks focus and self awareness and are looking for something to help them? Or maybe you just want your kid to get fit whilst having fun? Defence Lab self-defence training near Kingston and Norbiton offers all these benefits and a whole lot more.

Our self defence classes for children from the age of four will equip them with valuable skills, which will stay with them forever. From increased respect and self discipline, through to improved self esteem and fitness, Defence Lab can help shape your child, so they can make the most out of their life. What is more, they will learn all the skills to keep themselves from harm on the street today!

Unlike other martial arts, Defence Lab deals with modern-day attacks in the here and now. We don’t use outdated moves that have been passed down through hundreds of years of practise, our system is constantly evolving and adjusting to the world around us. We know children will grow up, use public transport and walk down the street on their own, which is why we use modern techniques that have been heavily battle-tested, so we know they really do work.

Our programme:

  • Not designed for the ring and is not competitive
  • Works in real-life scenarios with multiple strikers, knife attacks and MMA-skilled opponents
  • Will handle all sides of dealing with attack, including verbal and physical assaults, when you are defending yourself from the ground upwards
  • Is friendly and inclusive
  • Is taught by CRB/DBS checked instructors who are passionate about Defence Lab and the many benefits it offers.

If you would like to find out more and book in, then please ring 0800 246 5972. We are always happy to offer a free taster class at one of our training centres – Surbiton or Worcester Park. We also offer martial arts classes in Kingston and Norbiton.

Beat the bullies with our self defence classes for kids near Kingston and Norbiton
Beat the bullies with our self defence classes for kids near Kingston and Norbiton
Beat the bullies with our self defence classes for kids near Kingston and Norbiton
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Self defence training and seminars for businesses, schools, women’s groups or private individuals in Kingston

If you are looking to organise a fun team-building event for your local business, then Defence Lab is ideal for empowering employees and helping them stay productive and motivated.

  • Defence Lab teaches a life-long, relevant and life-saving skill because our form of self defence is designed for the modern world
  • Teaches all the skills needed in order to prevent or survive dangerous street attack
  • Has been shown to improve motivation, discipline, morale and critical thinking
  • Employees boost their fitness levels and thereby reducing sickness leave
  • Improves employee morale and shows the company cares about the well-being of their staff
  • Increases productivity and creative problem solving skills
  • Promotes confidence and self-esteem and gives valuable peace of mind
  • Employees learn to focus under pressure

All of our corporate courses can incorporate specific elements that are relevant to your business and can take place on dates and times to suit you.

One of our corporate clients from Historic Royal Palaces said this: “Thank you for running our self defence class at the Tower of London. It was a really well received session, with everyone there having learnt some really valuable life skills. I personally found the class extremely helpful, relevant in the real world and felt I would be able to apply what I learnt. I thought you were really engaging in the way you delivered the training and would highly recommend other companies to use your services.

We also take Defence Lab’s self defence training into schools and women’s groups, where we can run a series of sessions or a one-off session tailored to the needs of the students and adults there. We can also organise private 1-2-1 sessions or small group training for people who can’t make our weekly classes or who wish to progress faster through our training. These individual sessions allow for plenty of personal attention and guidance.

Keen to hear more? Call now on 0800 246 1878.

Why our self defence classes near Kingston and Norbiton are such a hit!

We know there are many martial arts and self defence schools in the local area for men, women and children. Perhaps you have thought about Krav Maga, Karate, Kung Fu, Kickboxing, Muay Thai or MMA? What makes us stand apart from the crowd?

There are many reasons why we believe Defence Lab is truly special. Very rarely are people attacked by a lone opponent, so all our students are equipped to deal with multiple attackers. We don’t believe in the ‘perfect’ system; all our instructors go on refresher courses and are always open to new ideas. Defence Lab has even been a hit in Hollywood, where our founder Andy Norman has trained the likes of Liam Neeson, Tom Cruise and Christian Bale for a number of blockbuster films.

Contact us today to hear more about our self-defence training near Kingston, Surrey

We are growing all the time! To hear more about our classes in your area, please call 0800 246 5972 or email and we will be delighted to talk to you.