Personal safety and self defence classes for adults and children near to you in Leatherhead

Are you looking for a non-nonsense, innovative and hard-hitting self defence system? Defence Lab Training near Leatherhead and Ashtead will teach you how to defend yourself or your loved ones and give you the courage and ability to remain focused and calm under high levels of pressure. We will teach you our unique reality-based self defence programme, so you can prepare for the worst situations in a safe, fun and friendly environment. We run a series of regular weekly classes for all ages and abilities (including kids of all ages from four), alongside private or small group lessons, corporate events, team-building exercises and seminars on women’s personal safety and self defence.

Defence Lab is an ‘evolution’ within the arena of self defence and martial arts and unlike ancient martial arts systems, is specifically designed and created to work in the world we live in today. It makes an excellent alternative to Krav Maga, Wing Chun, Kickboxing, Taekwondo, Karate, Jeet Kun Do, Hand to hand combat, Kung Fu or Muay Thai and many other martial arts systems. It is not designed as a sport where there are winners and losers, the sole focus is protection under attack. By practising real-life scenarios, including gang attack, knives, guns and verbal threats of violence, students will be better equipped to handle possible violent street altercations. Our classes also offer an excellent way to get fit and burn calories, whilst also learning to defend yourself.

Also, unlike other older martial arts systems, we do not consider our system to be perfect and we consider ourselves perpetual students who are always learning. This combat system – known as DNA Fight Science – has been developed over 20 years of testing. It was founded by Andy Norman who has an incredible fighting pedigree and colourful history; he is fast becoming one of the great pioneers of modern self defence and urban martial arts training methodologies. He has trained some of Hollywood finest actors in Defence Lab, including Liam Neeson, Tom Cruise and Christian Bale. Our model for training the DNA Fight Science system is: “Learn it, fatigue it, stress it.”

  • Learn it: Students are taught how the techniques move and work so they fully understand them.
  • Fatigue it: Students drill and train the moves so they become muscle memory.
  • Stress it out: This is what makes our system different – we learn to function under stress and use a sparring, scenario combat.

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Cannot speak highly enough of Tahir (lead instructor) and his methods of training. My 11 year old daughter started here in December and her enthusiasm show’s no bounds! The whole training ethos has had such a positive impact on her. Training can be hard but is always fun and teaches everyone respect and the value of looking out for not just yourself but friends as well. I can highly recommend this class to anyone interested in getting fitter, having fun and learning skills to take forward in life. Come along, give it a try, you will not be disappointed!!! .

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Self defence training for kids and schools in and around KT11, Leatherhead

In our self defence training programme, DL Kids, we have carefully considered the unique needs of children. With bullying on the rise in schools and violence on the street becoming increasingly common, we equip kids with the skills to handle unexpected confrontations. Our classes teach children how to avoid dangerous situations where possible and effectively defend themselves.

We focus first on avoiding conflict and anger management. Our classes are taught in a fun, welcoming and inclusive environment and we also focus on ethical and moral skills, like teamwork and respect, alongside some of the lessons from the programme, Learning for Life. We also help children stay focused and sharpen their listening skills and all these benefits will help them throughout their childhoods.

Bespoke training sessions, women’s self defence and team building events in Ashtead and Leatherhead

We can adapt our sessions for team-building and corporate clients or run women-only seminars to address the realities of situations faced by women. During these sessions our students gain critical skills, increase their confidence levels and learn to recognise and avoid potentially dangerous situations they may encounter. We can bring our class to you! You can motivate your team, inspire enthusiasm and energy and have fun in an innovative way. Help your business by increasing staff motivation, staff loyalty and staff retention.

We also run private 1-2-1 and small group classes, where we can personalise your training. These sessions tend to promote an accelerated learning, where you will see results much quicker over a shorter time period.

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