Teach your child about anti-bullying and stranger danger with our self defence classes for kids near West Wickham and Shirley

Are you concerned that your child might not know how to handle verbal or physical bullying at school? Perhaps you want them to feel more confident in the playground?  Or maybe you just want your kid to get fit, build strength and agility, whilst having fun?

Our self defence training classes for kids in West Wickham and Shirley cover all these bases and a whole lot more! Our classes teach our younger students valuable life skills, including respect, teamwork, discipline and focus, which they can carry with them through all areas of their lives! It will teach them to believe in themselves, so that they can achieve anything they want to and they will make new friends.

We understand that each age group will have different needs, which is why our DL Kids programme is specially adapted for each age group. Learning through creativity, games and mastering simple techniques, children flourish in our classes.

You may be tempted to book your child on a martial arts course. You may be thinking about Krav Maga, Karate, Taekwondo, MMA or Jeet Kun Do? Many ancient martial arts use outdated moves that have been passed down through hundreds of years of practise. Defence Lab is constantly evolving and adjusting to the streets today, so your child will learn a truly effective and practical system that we know works in today’s world.

Our programme:

  • Is not a sport that is designed for the ring
  • Looks at all aspects of attack, including verbal and physical aggression
  • Works in real-life situations with multiple attackers
  • Is friendly, fun and inclusive
  • Is taught by CRB/DBS checked instructors who are welcoming, friendly and passionate about Defence Lab

To book your child onto a free taster class, please call now on 0800 246 1878. We also offer martial arts classes in West Wickham and Shirley.

Teach your child about anti-bullying and stranger danger with our self defence classes for kids near West Wickham and Shirley
Teach your child about anti-bullying and stranger danger with our self defence classes for kids near West Wickham and Shirley
Teach your child about anti-bullying and stranger danger with our self defence classes for kids near West Wickham and Shirley
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Self defence seminars for women, self defence for schools and team-building events in West Wickham

Here at Defence Lab we organise a range of events, seminars, classes and workshops to suit the needs of women’s groups, schools and businesses throughout the local areas, including West Wickham.

  • Self defence seminars for women: When it comes to women, many women today have been taught to believe that they can’t defend themselves or that fighting back does not do any good against an attack. Our women’s only events stamp out these myths and provide women with effective self defence techniques. Defence Lab is not a sport and all the techniques focus on maximum efficiency in real-life situations. Many women are attacked because they are seen as easy targets but as well as teaching women the techniques they need to defend themselves, we show them how to spot signs of danger, how to be more aware of their surroundings and how to channel stress and function when faced with a sudden violent encounter. All women’s events are suitable for girls and women of all ages and sessions are tailored to the ages and needs of the group in question. Learn more.
  • Self defence for schools: We also work with schools and colleges, where we teach age-appropriate self defence to students of all ages, from primary school-ages upwards. These sessions also focus of issues such as how to handle verbal aggression and bullying. It is critically important that every young person has the tools in which to prevent being bullies and if things escalate and turn violent, that they can confidently defend themselves. Learn more.
  • Team-building fitness and self defence for businesses: Our team can organise bespoke events for businesses, focusing on team-building and having fun, whilst also learning essential self defence techniques. The team will learn to work better kore effectively and feel motivated and more confident. Learn more.

Contact us on 0800 246 1878.

Get involved with our self defence classes for women in West Wickham and Shirley

Sometimes being a single woman out at night on your own can feel intimidating. If you are looking for a self defence system that is practical, functional and effective, then Defence Lab has the answers. Our classes teach our students how to handle multiple attackers (because people are rarely targeted by lone attackers), MMA-skilled opponents, knife attacks and more. We do not believe in the ‘perfect’ system; our self defence classes teach our students to think on their feet and we equip them with the skills to be able to fight back when it really matters.

Contact us today to hear more about our self-defence training near West Wickham and Shirley

Our unique self defence network is expanding all the time – we now have centres in Croydon, Morden, Worcester Park and Surbiton – as well as many countries across the world!

To chat to a member of our friendly Defence Lab team in your area, please call us on 0800 246 5937 or email info@defencelabtraining.co.uk and we will be happy to tell you more about our classes.